Canon to Partner With SMART Technologies in Oceania Region

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Canon to Partner With SMART Technologies in Oceania Region

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    Canon to Partner With SMART Technologies in Oceania Region

    Canon is delighted to announce that effective immediately it is partnering with SMART Technologies throughout the Oceania region to provide a full range of interactive business collaboration solutions.

    Best known for its SMART boards, projectors, tablets and notebook software, SMART Technologies products are already used in more than 60 percent of schools in New Zealand and Australia.

    “The great news is that SMART also produces a wide range of business solutions and these are now available in New Zealand and Australia. We are delighted the company has chosen to partner with Canon in delivering SMART solutions to businesses and schools throughout the region,” says Craig Williams, General Manager – Business, at Canon New Zealand.

    “This is a great fit for Canon, as a world-leading imaging organisation, that is already actively engaged with businesses and schools, providing innovative imaging solutions, including projection, network video and managed document services.”

    “SMART is a world leader in products that allow interactive collaboration in business and education. Given our strong presence in both sectors and the longstanding relationships we have with so many businesses and schools, we see great opportunities for us to deliver genuine 21st century interactive collaboration environments.”

    “SMART solutions are used by more than 70 million people in 175 countries around the world to make collaboration more interactive, engaging, effective and fun,“ says Williams.

    “For example, these solutions easily integrate with Microsoft Lync environments to provide enhanced interactive workgroup collaboration capability, whether in a single meeting room or spread across groups that can be anywhere in the country – or the world for that matter.”

    “The systems also work seamlessly with mobile technologies, so you can drive a system using an iPad or Android tablet, and then just as easily capture and share the information with business colleagues anywhere,” says Williams.

    “SMART Notebook 2014, the latest version of SMART Notebook software, provides a number of key enhancements and add-ons which take collaboration to a whole new level.”

    SMART Notebook Advantage provides access to the full suite of SMART Notebook software features and functionality to help create, deliver and manage high-impact, interactive sessions for small-group collaboration or large-group instruction.

    “The great news is that effective immediately, Canon is able to provide SMART Advantage so customers can upgrade to Notebook 2014 to get immediate access to the increased functionality.”

    “In addition, Canon is able to supply the full range of SMART products, support, service and where appropriate provide advice and support on integrating SMART systems into existing infrastructure so businesses can maximise the benefits they get from their technology investments,” says Williams.