Konica Minolta Finds Another Excuse To Tap (Spy) Into Your Printer

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Konica Minolta Finds Another Excuse To Tap (Spy) Into Your Printer

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    Konica Minolta Finds Another Excuse To Tap (Spy)  Into Your Printer
    Konica Minolta's Remote Diagnostic System for Multifunction Printers Certified Green
    vCare(TM) Saves Customers Time and Money While Reducing Environmental Impact

    RAMSEY, NJ–(Marketwired – November 26, 2014) – Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. (Konica Minolta) announces that the bizhub vCare system for its multifunction printers has been certified green by Miercom. vCare is remote diagnostic software that enables the monitoring, managing, and servicing of intelligent devices over the Internet.

    The bizhub vCare solution is designed to offer enhanced customer care through efficient management of Konica Minolta's line of bizhub, bizhub PRO, and bizhub PRESS multifunction products (MFP) and printers. bizhub vCare is embedded technology within each MFP that monitors the overall function of each device, allowing service personnel direct access to equipment via the Internet. vCare-enabled bizhub products communicate via email or http messages to the central vCare diagnostic server for routine status updates, toner and supply level and meter reads, as well as urgent operational, diagnostic messages when service is required. This happens transparently 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without interfering with product use. Because bizhub vCare collects all counter and detailed MFPstatus information, it improves first-service-call effectiveness, delivers proactive service alert features and facilitates intelligent supply management.

    Miercom is a leading independent test facility that participates in hands-on testing of products, solutions and services for the enterprise network and communications industry. Products and solutions are evaluated based on power consumption, energy efficiency, and overall environmental design. Konica Minolta engaged Miercom to evaluate its DRM system, bizhub vCare, as well as several Konica Minolta devices, representative of the entire bizhub product line.

    Based on the Miercom evaluation, some of the key environmental benefits of bizhub vCare include:


    The ability to track consumable items such as MFPfilters, ensuring that they are replaced when needed. This reduces theexposure to exhaust, which can include carbon dioxide, ozone and toner dust.In fact, the latest version of bizhub vCare can track carbon dioxideemissions as well.

    The ability to track usage and power consumptiondata,which can be used to minimize energy consumption.

    Fuel savings: bizhub vCarehas the ability to send intelligent error code alerts, which help pinpointoperational issues. If necessary, it can prompt a service technician to bedispatched immediately and arrive with the proper part needed to resolvethe problem. As a result, it is very likely the service issue is beingproactively resolved during the first visit, eliminating the need forfollow-up trips.

    Research conducted by Miercom validated Konica Minolta's ongoing commitment to preserving the environment with efforts such as:

    Konica Minolta's Medium-Term Environmental Plan, which seeks toachieve numerous green objectives by 2016. Objectives include reducingcarbon dioxide emissions by 60% in product usage, 10% in productmanufacturing, 30% in product distribution and 50% in product sales and service.

    Konica Minolta's Green Factory Certificationsystem,which evaluates the environmental activities of its production sitesaround the world.

    The "Clean Planet" toner cartridge andconsumable recycling program, a cost-free, green option forcustomers.

    "Achieving Green Certification was an important goal for the company," said Kevin Kern, senior vice president, Marketing, Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. "Under the brand proposition 'Giving Shape to Ideas,' we are committed to remaining vital to society by driving sustainability initiatives across every aspect of our business. Innovative services and solutions, such as bizhub vCare, save our customers time and money while also considering the environment. Our recognition from Miercom exemplifies our commitment to be a responsible corporate citizen."