Print-Rite's Colido 3D Printer Goes Mainstream In Education Sector

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Print-Rite's Colido 3D Printer Goes Mainstream In Education Sector

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     Print-Rite's Colido 3D Printer Goes Mainstream In Education Sector
    Colido 3D Printer reached worldwide education sector

    Immediate Release – Colido 3D printer and filament, which are powered by Print-Rite, have reached college and university globally. Colido 3D printer enables the 3D printing technology applies into education and daily life. Teachers can print various 3D objects for demonstration and students can also develop their design skills and hold their ideas in real space.

    With the collaboration with the local distributor, MRF Trading Company, in Bangladesh, Colido 3D printers were presented at the ceremony when a 3D printer lab was founded at Bangladesh University last month. During the ceremony, all guests were keen to see Colido 3D printers in action. ‘Colido 3D printer can fuel limitless creativity when students get to see.’ Dr Kaykobad said, Professor and Head Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the Bangladesh University.

    Colido 3D printer has also arrived at the design center of Zhuhai City Polytechnic College. Colido 3D printer enables the classroom is more interesting and interactive. ‘In order to encourage students to apply 3D printing technology, a 3D design competition will be held in here shortly.’ Mr Lui said, Deputy Headmaster of Zhuhai City Polytechnic College.

    Print-Rite is working hard to bring Colido 3D printer to reach more cities and countries. If you are interested to know more about Colido 3D, please feel free to email to

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