New PR-2 Gear – Leaves Door Open for Remanufactured Cartridges

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New PR-2 Gear – Leaves Door Open for Remanufactured Cartridges

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    New PR-2 Gear – Leaves Door Open for Remanufactured Cartridges

    Immediate Release – Is a photosensitive drum including an OEM “dongle” gear and a third party’s sleeve classified as a permissible “repair”? This question is critical to each side of the current on-going 337-TA-918 investigation. However, nobody has given a convincing answer to this question.

    More respondents are settling with Canon under a term that any cartridge including a photosensitive drum that was not made by or on behalf of Canon or its affiliate is not permitted unless there is a final adjudication of permissible repair or any analogous defence. As such, if no respondents challenge this point and subsequently win their case, then Canon’s term would severely impact the remanufacturing industry, as reuse of an OEM “dongle” gear with a non-OEM drum sleeve would be prohibited, and reuse of an OEM ‘dongle” gear with an OEM drum sleeve is not practical.

    The remanufacturers are becoming more and more concerned that the door to remanufactured OEM “dongle” gear cartridges would be closed and the corresponding manufactured products would soon be cleared from the market.

    As a market leader Print-Rite has always respected other manufacturers’ patents, but in an effort to address this industry concern our R&D department has dedicated a large part of its resource in an effort to find a workable solution to this problem. After many months of research & development, Print-Rite is pleased to announce a breakthrough with our PR-2 drum gear, an innovation to replace the OEM “dongle” gear. PR-2 drum gear has received non-infringement opinions from two prominent US patent firms and further, PR-2 gear has obtained worldwide patent protection. Print-Rite has strong confidence that PR-2 gear will alleviate the industry concerns of “dongle” patents and leave a door open for the remanufacturers to invigorate the manufacturing business regardless of the aftermath of the ITC investigation.

    PR-2 gear is suitable for a wide range of monochrome cartridges and drums, including but not limited to HP CE505, Canon CF280, and HP CE255 series.

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