RBO PrintLogistix Releases New TonerSaver Software

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RBO PrintLogistix Releases New TonerSaver Software

 news 2014-12-23 at 11:03:49 am Views: 247
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    RBO PrintLogistix Releases New TonerSaver Software

    BY Gateway Pets

    St. Louis, MO — RBO PrintLogistix, a leading provider of print, promotional products, and related services, today announced a new toner and ink reduction software, TonerSaver, for the US market in partnership with Spline Network, a leading developer of print solutions based in Japan. Spline Network’s TonerSaver is a sophisticated toner and ink reduction tool for Windows-based computers which greatly extends yields for toner and ink by up to 75%.
    Using TonerSaver yields a 30% reduction rate in toner usage with no recognizable difference in print quality. Spline Network’s patented printer driver algorithms control toner and ink laid down on a page reducing waste while delivering immediate and measurable consumable savings – as well as providing impressive contributions to corporate sustainability initiatives.

    According to Jim Riley, president of RBO PrintLogistix, “It has never been easier for organizations to take advantage of the power of technology to achieve their sustainability goals while lowering their operating expense. TonerSaver offers a unique value proposition – it is easy to implement, non-disruptive to the end user, environmentally friendly, and reduces costs. With a ROI of less than six months, I cannot imagine why organizations would not embrace the opportunity to implement this tool.”

    RBO statistics show that a typical office or information worker will print at least 10,000 pages a year, costing the organization $350 to $500 annually per information worker – and nearly 60-85% of all office print ends up in the trash. This is a business expense that will be reduced by at least 30% with TonerSaver.

    “I am thrilled that our partnership with RBO PrintLogistix has enabled us to deliver our software-based toner cost reduction solution to many more organizations and companies,” said Yoichi Yukino, president and CEO of Spline Network Inc. “TonerSaver easily and effectively contributes to cost reduction initiatives in the office print area. TonerSaver has installed more than 550,000 licenses in 800 different companies in Japan. Now RBO

    PrintLogistix will represent and distribute TonerSaver in the largest market in the world.” Spline Network’s TonerSaver is patented in 6 countries around the world, including the US, UK, Japan and Germany, and has won numerous awards, the Eco-Efficiency Award 2010, the Green IT Award 2008, as well as others.

    RBO is offering a free 30-day trial of the TonerSaver software. More information can be found at www.rbooutputanalytics.com.


    Founded in 1985, RBO PrintLogistix serves multiple industries and is the print collateral and promotional products supplier for over 500 clients in the Midwest and across the country. RBO PrintLogistix is based in St. Louis, MO and has embraced new technologies such as Web-to-Print storefronts and digital asset management services. RBO PrintLogistix implements the entire supply chain from concept, design, printing, sourcing, delivery, and warehousing to ensure cost savings and effective fulfillment for any project, no matter how complex.