Miracle Service Announces Software Integration with Print Tracker

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Miracle Service Announces Software Integration with Print Tracker

 news 2015-01-15 at 10:50:15 am Views: 276
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    Miracle ServiceTM Announces Software Integration with Print TrackerTM

    January 14, 2015 – Mississauga, Ontario, Canada and Boise, Idaho, USA Nexent Innovations Inc., a globally recognized leader for service management software development for the imaging device industry, has announced the automated integration of its Miracle Service’s world-class service management software with Print Tracker’s meter collection solution.

    Meter information gathered by Print Tracker is seamlessly integrated into the Miracle Service software, where cost-per-click invoices are then automatically calculated and generated based on customer contracts. Integration saves time, increases accuracy, and increases efficiency through fully automatic, hassle-free meter collection and billing.

    “The Miracle Service integration with Print Tracker is yet another step in our commitment to offering premiere service management solutions, which leverage software and program platforms our clients already have in place today,” stated Robert Sombach, Vice President Operations and Development for Nexent Innovations Inc. “Through this recent integration with Print Tracker, our customers experience accurate, robust integration with their meter collection and billing processes, which improves efficiencies and leads to new opportunities for cost reduction.”

    In addition to meter collection management, Miracle Service software supports the complete service life cycle for office equipment dealers. Fully integrating CRM, sales, dispatching, technician scheduling, inventory, billing and mobile field service, Miracle Service streamlines operations into a single system.

    Visit the Miracle Service website to learn more about their unique modular approach to supporting office equipment dealers at http://www.miracleservice.com.


    About Nexent Innovations Incorporated

    Since 1994, Nexent Innovations Inc. has provided business solutions for thousands of field service clients in over 45 countries around the world. With over 20 unique service management and business solution-driven modules to choose from, Nexent is the most scalable software provider within the industry.

    About Print Tracker

    Print Tracker is an MPS software solutions company. Print Tracker provides simple-to-install, intuitive-to-use MPS software solutions for the imaging device industry. Tools include meter gathering software, advanced deployment options, fast meter capture, alert generation, service and meter viewers, customized reporting, an adaptable TCO estimator, and automated supply fulfillment.

    For more information about how Miracle Service and Print Tracker can help your business, please contact:

    Nexent Innovations Inc. Or Print Tracker.

    Andrea Goliger
    (866) 463-9368 x 5188

    Brian Dawson
    Sales and Marketing Director
    (866) 629-3342 x7