Collins InkJet Explores the Evolution of Printing. ( Very Cool )

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Collins InkJet Explores the Evolution of Printing. ( Very Cool )

 news 2015-01-20 at 11:20:55 am Views: 284
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    Collins InkJet Explores the Evolution of Printing, ( Very Cool )
     Collins InkJet Explores the Evolution of Printing, Process and Ink Throughout Time
    Source: Collins Inkjet Corporation Jan 15, 2015

    While newspapers and other print media are facing the savage effects of disruptive technology in the digital age, the truth remains that printing technology continues to innovate and reinvent itself, even in this new, seemingly paperless world.

    “From Quill to Cartridge”, a new infographic by major ink manufacturer Collins InkJet, traces the historic milestones that ultimately led to such innovations as the dot matrix method and high speed singlepass printing. Kristin Adams, Marketing Manager at Collins Inkjet explained, "Our business revolves around ink, so it was a pleasure to explore the history behind it all and paint an accurate picture of how advanced the process of printing really has become.” The process has come a very long way from the use of tablets inscribed with various symbols to the modern process of using cartridges and computerized printing systems to create and deliver messages.

    Currently the printing industry is at its most advanced point ever, with multiple types of printers, in all shapes and sizes. One can print images any size and on almost any surface. Everything from airplane graphics to product
    packaging requires costeffective printing technology and the industry is answering the call via innovation and technology.

    Thanks to hightech solutions such as energy curable ink and highspeed printing, what used to take days now requires only hours to complete. Digital inkjet printers currently print at speeds of up to 60,000 pages per hour while image quality is at the highest level its ever been.

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