Hp Owns Over 60% of Business Inkjet Revenues (Un-Provable Claim)

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Hp Owns Over 60% of Business Inkjet Revenues (Un-Provable Claim)

 news 2015-02-03 at 12:11:45 pm Views: 1214
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    Hp Owns Over 60% of Business Inkjet Revenues (Un-Provable Claim)
    by Phil Tottman
    HP has boasted the strongest year-on-year growth in the business inkjet segment ahead of Epson, taking 60 per cent of the market revenue in 2014.

    The company’s revenues grew by 16 per cent, compared to its rival, which only saw a four per cent increase and a market share of 16 per cent.

    Overall imaging revenue increased by one per cent across Western European distribution throughout 2014, driven by multi-function laser and inkjet technology printers, according to data from IT market research company, Context.

    Revenues of these devices were also up by seven per cent year-on-year due to a double-digit revenue increase in the business inkjets segment.

    Germany proved to be the largest market with a revenue growth of four per cent, and the UK close behind with one per cent increase in 2014 compared to the year before.

    Zivile Brazdziunaite, imaging analyst at Context, commented: “Over the past year vendors were active in the business inkjet segment, supported by the introduction of new inkjet technology printers for business which featured more connectivity options and higher page yields, an attractive alternative to laser.”