Epson To Use Borderless Distribution For It's Thailand Strategy

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Epson To Use Borderless Distribution For It's Thailand Strategy

 news 2015-03-12 at 12:15:39 pm Views: 207
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    Epson To Use Borderless Distribution For It's Thailand Strategy
    Epson Thailand pursues single Indochina market

    EPSON THAILAND is using three strategies to maintain revenue growth this year, including borderless distribution of its products and service to every part of Indochina as a single market.

    Yunyong Muneemongkoltorn, general manager of Epson Thailand, said the company was celebrating its 25th anniversary in this country with three strategies: high-value products, the borderless distribution of products and services, and promoting Epson as a favourite brand.
    With the first strategy, it says it offers multi-function printers, projectors and inkjet printers that support customers' demand for low running costs and durability.

    "New products will be highlighted this year, such as inkjet printers targeting the mid-to-high-end market, printers for businesses, high-speed label printers, high-end projectors and commercial printers," Yunyong said.

    Designed to deliver printing jobs for businesses, such printers come with long-lasting and special inks for solid-quality work."

    He said Epson Thailand oversaw the company's business in Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos, as well as Pakistan. All of these markets have been growing at a satisfactory rate, with overall revenue growth of 25 per cent, and Vietnam achieving the most impressive expansion.

    For borderless distribution, the firm utilises Thailand as the hub of Indochina.

    "Epson Thailand seeks to turn all of the markets under its supervision into a single big market. Thailand has the potential to serve as the distribution hub in the region. From Thailand, Epson products can be conveniently delivered to all overseas markets under the firm's supervision."

    Under the third strategy, to establish Epson firmly as a favourite brand, it will attempt to deepen stakeholders' confidence in the business.

    "These three strategies will play a key role in driving Epson's business ahead, not just in Thailand but also in the region. For 2015, we set a goal of pursuing 15-per-cent growth. The firm will also expand our business into textiles and upcountry markets," Yunyong said.

    He said revenue for the five countries under Epson Thailand's purview should post 17-per-cent overall revenue growth for the current fiscal year that ends this month.

    The key factors that will drive its business growth in the Thai market will be the return of political stability and rebounding investments by both the government and private sectors, as well as the growing number of medium-sized and large organisations.

    Thailand itself contributes around 83 per cent of the Thai unit's revenue, with the other four countries contributing the rest. Of the international contribution, Vietnam accounts for the largest proportion at 54 per cent, followed by Myanmar with 22 per cent, Pakistan with 10 per cent, Cambodia with 9 per cent and Laos with 5 per cent.

    Outside Thailand, Vietnam promises the highest potential for growth.