How Hp's New JetIntelligence Toner Will Attacks Counterfeit Product.

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How Hp's New JetIntelligence Toner Will Attacks Counterfeit Product.

 news 2015-03-12 at 12:31:25 pm Views: 812
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    How Hp's New JetIntelligence Toner Will Attacks Counterfeit Product.
    By Edward J. Correia
    "This is a home run for HP," said Tom Costello, a manager at RE Business Solutions, an HP partner in Cherry Hill, N.J. "When you can get a laser printer for $250, everyone in the office can have one," he said.

    Costello said the move was a necessary one for HP to keep up with competitors. "Companies like Lexmark and Dell were owning the low-end laser market. Now HP has something to offer in that space. This will allow us to sell a lot more printers." All the new printers will begin shipping April 1.

    After the printer demonstrations, a smaller group was briefed on JetIntelligence, the technology that HP credits with reductions in overall printer size and increases in speed, energy efficiency and toner yield.

    Annie Mosier, supplies marketing manager at HP, began by explaining the structure of the company's chemically produced toner particles, which she said are one-twelfth the width of a human hair.

    In essence, a wax core is surrounded by a soft mixture of polymer resin and pigment encased in a hard shell that's receptive to an electronic charge so they stick to the transfer belt with static electricity. The particles are engineered to melt with less heat, thereby reducing the energy required to liquefy them and speeding wake time. Controlling the process is JetIntelligence, a chip that continuously monitors toner levels and compensates for wear of the fuser unit and other toner components. JetIntelligence will be incorporated into all of HP's future laser printers.

    there's another function embedded into each HP toner's encrypted logic circuit. "If non-HP toner is inserted, a message will be displayed that the cartridge is 'Used or Counterfeit,' " said Mosier, who characterized the counterfeit toner cartridges as "a $4 billion-a-year problem." The message will be displayed if the chip is absent or if the toner has been replenished/ remanufactured