Canon Philippines Supporting People With Down Syndrome.

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Canon Philippines Supporting People With Down Syndrome.

 news 2015-03-17 at 10:07:53 am Views: 195
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    Canon  Philippines Supporting People With Down Syndrome.
    Canon for persons with Down Syndrome
    By MST Entertainment

    More than a thousand smiling faces flooded the SM City North EDSA as the Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines Inc. (DSAPI) held its annual Happy Walk event to celebrate the National Down Syndrome Consciousness Month. Titled “Happy Walk 2015: All for Down,” the event gathered persons with Down Syndrome their families and friends, and supporters, with the goal of raising awareness and mobilizing support for individuals living with the genetic disorder.

    Staff of Canon Philippines, a major supporter of “Happy Walk 2015:
    All for Down,”

    This year, Canon Marketing (Philippines) Inc (CMPI) came out in full force as an entire team made up of CMPI staff participated in the Happy Walk, showing its full support for the cause. After the mass held at The Block, the CMPI team joined the walk—a fun parade inside the mall, through the Sky Garden, all the way to the Sky Dome. A photo contest was also organized by DSAPI to encourage children with Down Syndrome, and demonstrate to everyone how they can be creative and talented just like any other children. Winners received different Canon products and items, much to the children’s delight.

    The 12th Tee-Up for Down Golf Tournament, a fund raising campaign organized by DSAPI in partnership with Canon, also took place earlier in February at the Tagaytay Midlands Golf & Country Club. The one-day event was a success, having raised funds to sustain the operating expenses of DSAPI, and further create more seminars and events involving persons with Down Syndrome. “Being accepted by the society and being treated with dignity help people with Down Syndrome develop their self-worth and enjoy a full and decent life,” says DSAPI parent member and volunteer Agnes Lapena. “It also helps families cope with the demands of living with a child with Down Syndrome,” she adds. This is what DSAPI’s campaign is all about, and its success means a brighter future for every person with Down Syndrome.

     “It’s such a joy seeing that the support for the campaign is growing year after year,” says CMPI President and CEO Lim Kok Hin. Canon has been with DSAPI in its efforts to educate the public on what Down Syndrome really is all about, and the success of the advocacy is a delight for both Canon and DSAPI. “It is very important for everyone to recognize the achievements and abilities of persons with Down Syndrome, as well as understand and promote their rights and well-being,” Lim adds.