UK Based Printer To Close After 93 years

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UK Based Printer To Close After 93 years

 news 2015-03-17 at 10:22:09 am Views: 198
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    UK Based Printer To Close After 93 years
    By Simon Nias

    Tudor Press, a family-owned high-street print shop on Reading's Oxford Road, will shut its doors for the final time next month when owner and third-generation printer Richard Farrow retires.

    The Tudor Press is set to close next month after 93 years

    Farrow has worked at the letterpress print business since 1970, following in the footsteps of his father James Farrow and grandfather Herbert Farrow, who founded the company in 1922.

    "We've never employed more than five people and I am the last man standing," said Farrow. "The business has always been family-owned and while I could sell the name on I suppose I just thought I would retire it with me."

    The company will close its doors for the last time at the end of April at which time all of its print equipment, including two Heidelberg platens and a Polar 72 guillotine, as well as associated stitching and drilling kit, will be sold to Rainbow 7 Machinery.

    The one exception is an old treadle-operated platen currently kept in the print shop's basement, which Farrow said he would keep as a family heirloom.

    Tudor Press's collection of type, which includes some display faces that were cast back in the 1940s, will likely go for scrap metal unless an interested buyer can be found.

    Farrow said that he was in the process of writing to the firm's customers to recommend a local printer who could fulfil their requirements when Tudor Press signs off. "We used to do quite a bit of trade work for local printers because we've got the old letterpress kit here, so you get to know who the good businesses are," said Farrow.

    After Tudor Press closes, the premises will be available for lease as a shop, after Farrow applied for a change of usage from light industrial to commercial.