SpearInk Now Recycling Empty Toner And Ink In Egypt

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SpearInk Now Recycling Empty Toner And Ink In Egypt

 news 2015-03-17 at 11:26:20 am Views: 243
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    SpearInk Now Recycling Empty Toner And Ink In Egypt
    Egyptian electronics recycler expands franchise program
    Speak Ink plans to open a collections and processing warehouse in Dubai in April.

    Spearink, an electronics remanufacturing and recycling company based in Egypt, plans to offer a new electronics recycling franchise program in Dubai.


    The company, founded in 2006 as an inkjet and toner cartridge remanufacturing supplier, has expanded over the years after developing its own remanufacturing processes and equipment, selling franchises of its cartridge remanufacturing business, and then expanding into collection and recycling of a range of obsolete electronics, says CEO Essam Hashem.

    Today, Spear Ink operates a processing warehouse in the Alexandria Public Free Zone in Ameriyah, near Cairo, as well as a new office in Abu Dhabi. In addition, the company has sold cartridge refilling and collections franchises in Jordan, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. Electronics collected by its franchisees are sent to the Ameriyah warehouse for dismantling and classification, Hashem says.

    The company, accredited by Egypt’s Ministry of Environment, has earned collection contracts from the Royal University of Bahrain and from Orascom Telecom in Egypt.

    Recycling steps beyond dismantling, shredding and classification are not part of Spear Ink’s current repertoire, Hashem says, as Spear Ink works with refining companies based in Europe to recycle scrap metals from electronics. But, he adds, “we hope to offer refining in the future.”

    In April 2015, Hashem adds, Speak Ink will open another warehouse in Dubai offering cartridge remanufacturing and electronics recycling services. He also plans to offer a new franchise business in Dubai, to be called “Dr. WEEE,” focusing on electronics recycling and cartridge remanufacturing in the United Arab Emirates. Hashem says the franchise will include classification and dismantling of electronics, with some processing such as shredding and hard drive crushing.

    “It will be the first franchise in electronic waste recycling in the Arabian region,” Hashem says, adding that franchises in the manufacturing sector are rare in the region.

    A strong proponent of responsible electronics recycling throughout the Middle East, Hashem joined the Basel Convention’s Partnership for Action on Computing Equipment (PACE) in 2012. The multi-stakeholder group works to support and educate businesses and consumers about environmentally sound refurbishment, repair, recycling and disposal of used and end-of-life computing equipment.

    “Being a member helps us to meet all the involved entities and helps keep us educated,” he says. As a member of PACE, Hashem says he has also been involved with the Green Customs Initiative in Africa, an awareness and educational campaign to stop the dumping of electronic wastes and support accredited recyclers in African nations.For Spear Ink, Hashem says he believes the franchise concept has been an ideal way to share his knowledge about remanufacturing and collections in what is a relatively new industry in the Middle East.

    “To encourage many people in our market to enter this business, we started the franchise program,” Hashem says. “This made it easier for them, as we have the commitment to train them and to share our know-how and machinery.”