Copier and Laser Chip Maker Zhono Zooms Into The U.S.

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Copier and Laser Chip Maker Zhono Zooms Into The U.S.

 news 2015-03-24 at 10:17:06 am Views: 242
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    Copier and Laser Chip Maker Zhono Zooms Into The U.S.
    Bob Bucknum added to US Sales Team

    Apex, NC: Zhono Corporation, a recently established U.S. Corporation, is pleased to announce the addition of a Sales Manager to launch this new venture in North America. Bob Bucknum is a well-known industry veteran with extensive experience in the imaging supplies industry. Most recently he was with Mitsubishi Kagaku Imaging and the Future Graphics division. His background includes several key roles with toner manufacturing companies and he has a proven record of success in all levels of sales distribution. Bob is looking forward to introducing the products and rich history that Zhono now brings to the North American market.

    About Zhono: Established more than 11 years ago, Guangzhou ZHONO Electronic Technology Co Ltd., is a highly respected industry leader in the research, development and production of copier and laser chips for the global imaging aftermarket. Zhono Company is founded on good old-fashioned principles of honesty, integrity and real customer service. Along with this approach, our customers rely on Zhono for the highest quality products and market competitive pricing, which has created a very loyal global customer base.

    Our technology however is anything but old-fashioned. We are at the cutting edge of ASIC design and System – on – chip technologies necessary to be capable of keeping up with OEM chip developments and firmware changes.

    The chip is the heart of every cartridge but at the heart of our success is our people, who are all highly qualified professionals, determined to succeed in our company mission which is simple: To ensure our customers come back for more, as we grow our business one new customer at a time. We look forward to delivering this message and our quality products to a new customer base in the U.S.

    For more information please contact Bob Bucknum at .
    (757) 375-5176