Hey Ricoh So Much For Innovation, Turn On The Backup Server Please

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Hey Ricoh So Much For Innovation, Turn On The Backup Server Please

 news 2015-03-26 at 12:34:23 pm Views: 302
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    Hey Ricoh So Much For Innovation, Turn On The Backup Server Please
    County's Backup Server Never Put Into Operation By Ricoh

    The Ste. Genevieve County Commission may stop business with Ricoh USA after getting the runaround last week about whether the county has functioning backup servers in place.

    Two years ago, the commissioners thought they paid Ricoh USA approximately $19,000 to place backup servers at the Ste. Genevieve County Courthouse and at the St. Francois County Courthouse to act as a safehouse protecting important county documents in the event of a natural disaster.

    After checking on the servers, though, Lee Scherer, a technology specialist for the county, discovered the off-site server has never functioned.

    “In the paperwork here, I can find where you paid for the actual device,” Scherer said. “You have one internal to the building, and it’s working. I am 100 percent confident we don’t have a functioning off-site backup.”

    When asked about the backup server, St. Francois County Commissioner Patrick Mullins said he vaguely remembered the project but was unaware of a Ste. Genevieve server at their location.

    “The reason St. Francois County didn’t house it was because our county courthouse was being renovated,” Mullins said. “It would have been exposed to water pipes. Water and electric don’t mix well.”

    The commissioners contacted Ricoh USA representative Jeff Black about the off-site server and requested answers to three questions: Does the county have an off-site server? Did the county pay to have this server and not get it? Who made the decision not to do the off-site back-up?

    Black said the off-site server was probably functioning and the county just didn’t know how to access it.

    Scherer disagreed, stating the off-site server says, “No longer available.”

    Black continued to look up documents and added that a server was listed at 5 Basler Drive — the Ste. Genevieve County Sheriff’s Office.

    “We put in actual equipment on-site,” Black said. “I don’t see any contract that reflects you paid for that service. You paid for engineering services, servers re-architected. … I think all your files are being backed up. We need to check into that.”

    Ste. Genevieve Presiding Commissioner Garry Nelson said that commission minutes are vague, but he thought the county “took the whole ball of wax” in regard to this project.

    County Clerk Sue Wolk seconded Nelson’s thought, adding, “That is what we paid for. …”

    Black said he would continue to research the issue, but agreed with the commissioners that a Ricoh engineer and Scherer would work together to find a solution in the future.

    “If we paid for something we didn’t get, we want our money back,” Nelson said. “If not, we will have to work through it.”

    After making some phone calls, Mullins reported that a server box is in fact at the St. Francois County Annex Building.

    “I understand it is it was never implemented because there was a firewall issue,” Mullins added. “They just didn’t pursue it, but there is a box.”

    Wolk said it seemed as if Ricoh  just quit in the middle of the job.

    Black phoned back, stating that he found documentation of a box located at 1 West Liberty — the St. Francois County Annex Building.

    “It looks like the device is in place but for all this time never got fixed,” Black said. “I can’t believe my engineer left without doing that. … For that to never have been working, I am sure you are very frustrated with that.”

    Nelson said that he just wanted answers.

    Black said he would research the matter further and get back with the commissioners. In the meantime, he would have the Ricoh engineer speak with Scherer and St. Francois County’s technology department.