Konica Minolta Business Solutions Asia Pte. Ltd Appoints New Chairman

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Konica Minolta Business Solutions Asia Pte. Ltd Appoints New Chairman

 news 2015-04-07 at 1:19:34 pm Views: 260
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    Konica Minolta Business Solutions Asia Pte. Ltd  Appoints New Chairman
    Tadayuki Funakura Appointed as Managing Director of Konica Minolta Business Solutions Asia Pte. Ltd

    SINGAPORE- – As Konica Minolta goes into the next phase of transformation; Mr. Tadayuki Funakura will succeed Mr. Ryo Maruhashi as the Managing Director while Mr. Ryo Maruhashi will assume the role of Chairman.

    Mr. Tadayuki Funakura brings with him over thirty years of experience in the print and imaging industry. Prior to this, he was the General Manager of Sales Division 2, Konica Minolta, Inc. He has played a significant part in steering the strategic aspects of sales and has been instrumental in driving growth in the region.

    Mr. Funakura said: "Asia is a dynamic growth engine for Konica Minolta. As part of transformation, I hope to bring the company to being more solution and service-centric with an ardent focus on customer centricity."

    Mr. Funakura holds a Bachelor's Degree from School of Commerce, Waseda University.