Hp Launches SureSupply Auto-Delivery.

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Hp Launches SureSupply Auto-Delivery.

 news 2015-04-07 at 1:39:00 pm Views: 539
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    Hp Launches SureSupply Auto-Delivery.
    Hp also announced a major expansion of its printing supply delivery service, SureSupply Auto-Delivery.

    The service monitors ink and toner levels for subscribers and automatically ships toner, ink and other supplies before they run out. HP is extending SureSupply Auto-Delivery to cover other major brands, said an HP spokesperson, "as well as offering customers a broader choice of resellers in North America and expanding into Europe."

    Click on this link so see this offer from Hp

    While designed for large workgroups (10-25 users) and rated for duty cycles of up to 20,000 pages per month, the printers do their part to help offices go green, according to Todd Brashear, worldwide product marketing manager for HP's enterprise single-function enterprise LaserJets and ink products. "How many times have you walked by a printer and seen unclaimed documents sitting on it? That's wasted paper, toner and energy," he told eWEEK.

    Equipped with the HP JetAdvantage Private Print feature, the new printers start print jobs only "when the user has authenticated at the printer, helping to prevent print jobs from going missing," a security-enhancing side benefit, said Brashear.

    "The HP JetAdvantage Private Print feature helps address this issue by queuing up print jobs and only printing them once the user has authenticated at the printer," he added. Other security-enhancing features include a built-in device firewall and secure erase capabilities that wipe a printer's onboard storage clean. "Also, a new touch screen helps users track the status of their print jobs so they don't inadvertently print duplicates."