Is EU's ETIRA a Racist Org? ( Part #1)

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Is EU's ETIRA a Racist Org? ( Part #1)

 news 2015-04-09 at 1:41:16 pm Views: 481
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    Is EU's  ETIRA  a Racist Org?
    By Jim Ladd
    Dear Readers, it's really been a long since we wrote an article expressing our views but It was
    come to our attention that a toner trade organization in Europe called ETIRA  
    has really shown their true colors by constantly singling out Asian Product and Asian remanufactures and of course clone Toner manufacturers, this all started when a company in the Netherlands called Digital Revolution was forced to put a comment on their website due to a lose in the their local courts in a Spat with Hp , stating that their reman products come from "un-legitimate Asian" sources  (based on Etira's point of view at least), we have reached out  to and are waiting for a retraction for this, but in consequence we found that Etira's action and words clearly show a borderline racists view towards Asians and their products, keep in mind at we have advertisers that range from US toner remanufacturers,  to clone toner manufacturers and even sellers of empty toner for recycling and this does not stop us from expressing our views regardless of their business background since we believe in an open and fair trade business practice for all.

    In America We Praise Successful Businesses, We Dont Try to bring Them Down
    Yes In the U.S. we praise successful businesses, we are proud of them we want to be part of their success, we feature them in our news we acknowledge 'Their Success" in Etira's world its not the case, they single out European businesses and try to hold them accountable simple based on these old borderline racist ideology, the irony in this is that probably has No Asian employees, It's just a local business employing local Dutch people for the most part, Etira's attack of clearly shows they lack the intellect to be a fair open minded organization.

    Dutch cartridge retailer forced to post rectification

    Why are Their are No Toner Trade Organization in The US or In the rest Of The World.
    A Toner Trade Organization would last about 1 week in the US because we have a simple open fair trade practice, who's to say what business can or can do as long as we pay our taxes and keep civil order than No organization should stand in the middle dictating business policies,  if a business is doing something wrong we in the US go to court and deal with the consequences, but we surely don't need an organization / a middle man to tell us what to do, this kind of bureaucracy is only evident in Europe, that is why nothing gets done in most European countries where you have to basically "legally" bribe your way up to get anything done, the EU nation is a Smart nation that really does not need so many useless state Entities.

    Europe's Toner Trade Organization ETIRA Should Be Dissolved. has Vincent van Dijk displaying his racist views on Vimeo from last year,( I'm sure they can pullthe video if you ask them and then you can decide for yourselves where this man's views really come from?) but from our point of view Vincent van Dijk, ETIRA’s Secretary General should be looking for another Job, his racist views in our opinion lacks open and fair trade practices, he's going after business and hospitals and all in the name of the reman toner industry??? when we at Tonernews first heard of cloned Toner's we where mad but as time went by we realized that in an open fair trade society everything will be cloned in the near future anyway, who's to dictate policies on what consumers can or cannot print and what materials they use for printing, Vincent van Dijk has clearly forgetting that, he has also forgotten that it all comes down to the consumer and since the consumer is always #1, consumers don't care about OEM product or Reman product or Cloned product, they only  buy things based on what they can afford its really that simple, but Vincent van Dijk, ETIRA’s Secretary General doesn't understand that because he's a paid for Bureaucrat with a closed minded approach to business.

    Digital Revolution / Is a Good Honest European Company. has 1.5 Million customers throughout Europe and the World, they
    have Success because they save consumers Millions  and give consumers the opportunity to
     have a choice on their printing needs, we have similar companies like that in the US
    and our proud of the success in bringing print to the world, no organization should stand in
    between the consumer and businesses, open fair trade practices should be allowed to thrive
    with no interference from a government appointed entity!!!.

    Enclosed In This New Link Is Response To This Article.

    We have posted below these two news articles from with Vincent van Dijk
    Etira's point of view about business and their business views and have added these links for you to read and make up your own mind,  hopefully will keep these links live regardless of their relationship with Etira?, But You can also also read these articles in their entirety below if decides to pull them from their site to Protect their buddies at ETIRA.

    Thanks for Reading


    Dutch cartridge retailer forced to post rectification
    April 8, 2015
    123inkt, or Digital Revolution, had been accused in court by HP of using misleading “rebuild” claims on its website about new-build toner cartridges.

    The Court of The Hague announced the ruling on 19 March, stating that the claim of “totally rebuilt” on the company’s website gave the impression that the company’s toner cartridges were built from used parts. The judge in the case considered the claim misleading, and ordered the company to place a rectification on its website for two weeks, at

    The rectification reads: “Recently we have [sold] under the brand 123inkt toner cartridges for HP printers in the Netherlands, which were referred to as ‘totally rebuilt’. By judgment of 19 March, 2015, the judge of the court in The Hague ruled that this statement was misleading. Under these toners were new compatible toners without any recycled parts. Of these toners, [it] can not be said that they [are] ‘totally rebuilt’.”

    The report was carried in Dutch newspapers and IT publications, as the company sent a letter to its customers explaining the rectification. Digital Revolution had previously won a case against Samsung in the Netherlands last November alongside three other defendants, with the OEM in that case wanting to “ban the sale of some brand[s of] inkjet cartridge […] due to the use of a particular chip”, which breaches a European patent granted to the OEM, but the court decided against the OEM.

    ETIRA’s Secretary General Vincent van Dijk welcomed the ruling, stating: “Sellers of infringing new-builds from China should be honest about this. Your customer has the right to know that he could be sued for patent infringement if you supply him patent infringing new-build clones. Moreover, most infringing new-builds go straight to landfill after their first use. So it is wrong to pretend that you sell a sustainable product if in fact it is totally new, and you do not pay for, or care about what happens to your product once it has become waste.

    “Cartridge remanufacturers reduce CO2 emissions while offering a lower cost alternative to the OEM product. In some cases reuse may be more expensive than new-builds, but that is the price you pay for being free from lawsuits and being green at the same time. Patent-infringing clones which claim to be rebuilt just want a free ride by using the ‘rebuilt’ image, but without paying the cost that comes with rebuilding.”

    He added: “Fortunately, more and more customers are recognising the problem: we see an increase in public tenders criteria which insist that used cartridges must be taken back and disposed of in an environmental–friendly way. Infringing new-build clones often cannot comply with those requirements, but remanufactured OEM cartridges can.”

    ETIRA reports success in opposing unfair tenders
    April 9, 2015
    The European trade association announced that several attempts to act against tenders excluding remanufactured cartridges have been successful.

    The association noted that public tenders for printer cartridge that exclude remanufactured cartridges “are a regular nuisance for ETIRA members” and other companies in the European industry. It added that “almost every week” it approaches public bodies in Europe issuing tenders that “either exclude remanufactured [cartridges] from tendering” or give an “illegal preference to OEM cartridges and/or non-OEM new-builds”.

    In 2014, ETIRA was successful in an attempt to act against a southern German hospital tender, which was open to “OEM and new-build non-OEM cartridges, but explicitly excluded remanufactured cartridges”. This was followed by two more oppositions undertaken in March this year, against another hospital in southern Germany and a tender from a “major city” in northern Germany, which ETIRA learned this week had been withdrawn, and new tenders “will be published”.

    The association’s process includes sending a “protest letter” stressing that the exclusion is illegal, and also reminding the public body or organisation that “they should be careful when including new-build toner cartridges in the tender, as it could make them liable for possible infringement of OEM patents by these models”. ETIRA also reiterates that many new-build toner cartridges “have no end-of-life solution, and as a result they may wind up in landfills, polluting the European environment”.

    The association commented that the withdrawal of the two German tenders that excluded remanufactured cartridges is “another example of ETIRA’s successful lobbying for a level playing field for our trade”. The European Parliament changed EU law in January 2014  in order to take “social and environmental aspects of products into consideration, instead of just lowest price”, and ETIRA commented at the time that the changes would hopefully “ensure better quality and value for money when public authorities buy or lease works, goods or services”, as well as making it easier for SMBs to put in bids for procurement contracts.

    Vincent van Dijk, ETIRA’s Secretary General, stated of the changes at the time: “In public tenders, our industry has always suffered from unfair competition by others. Since the start of the economic crises, public authorities often simply choose the cheapest product offered, which in many cases was a Chinese patent-infringing new-build cartridge.

    “So doing, they neglected the environmental burden and loss of local jobs that these products represent. I hope the new EU rules will allow remanufacturers, being only small and medium-sized enterprises, to capitalise on their added value: the environment-friendly reuse of a product, and produced by local workers, thus saving natural resources, and creating local jobs.”