123inkt.nl Repsonds To Tonernews Vs. Etira Business Ethics ( Part #2)

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123inkt.nl Repsonds To Tonernews Vs. Etira Business Ethics ( Part #2)

 news 2015-04-10 at 11:34:29 am Views: 449
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    123inkt.nl Repsonds To Tonernews Vs. Europe's ETIRA Business Ethics.
    By Gerben Kreuning Directeur of 123inkt.nl

    In reaction to the recent news reports related to the law suit HP brought against our company
    that resulted in the  judgment of the District Court at The Hague of 19 March 2015,
    we ask your attention for the following.

    Contrary to the translation of the rectification as published, the rectification is not about
    “recycled” parts, but about “reused” parts.  The case also was not about selling “ infringing new builds from China” as ETIRA’s Secretary General Vincent van Dijk apparently stated.

    We sell a range of new build products that are not infringing any IP rights of OEMs and our score against OEMs in patent infringement cases has pretty much been positive for us. Under our brand we sell both new build as well as remanufactured products and sell these products equally.

    Contrary to what Mr. van Dijk of ETIRA claims we do pay the costs that come with remanufacturing products and do not “want a free ride by using the ‘rebuilt’ image”.  The case also was not about the origin of the products being from China or us not being honest about the Chinese origin, as Mr. van Dijk implies.

    What we find odd is that ETIRA’s Mr van Dijk is presented in article in
    The Recycler of April 8, 2015 as an independent expert, without disclosing the fact that EITIRA’s president Christian Weinhart also issued a lengthy report as an expert witness and was also retained by Hp, this also included Mr Van Dijk, who attended the hearing before the court as an expert on Hp's Behalf.

    Ironically the Oem Hp has found a partner in ETIRA to fight against their common enemy:
    the Chinese producers that supply high quality Toner goods at competitive prices.
    More Inronic is that Mr Christian Wernhart (The President of ETIRA) is also a big shareholder of Embatex, one of Europe's biggest toner remanufacturer, this is Oviously a conflict of interest in our Opinion and should be looked into by the EU courts, how can an independent Eu state entity also have a for-profit business stake in this impartial organization? 

    For the record we have over 150 employees and only one of them is a Chinese person, From
    our own experience we can tell you that the return rate with Chinese products is much lower than the return rate of products from European producers.

    The reason the Oem's are constantly attacking us is because we have gotten so big and popular in Holland tha we have won 8 years in a row the award of "best webshop in Holland" in our category, for a country like Holland that has around 17 million residents and we have over 1.5 million mostly local clients.

    Our 123inkt brand stands for quality and Chinese products do meet established quality standards. We focus on selling quality products – either new or remanufactured – at reasonable prices to our 1,5 million customers in spite of the OEMs bringing a number of court cases against us in recent years, we will not deviate from that course of saving people money as well as giving them a choice for their printing needs.