Jadi Imaging Technologies Launches “Empties Buyback Programme”.

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Jadi Imaging Technologies Launches “Empties Buyback Programme”.

 news 2015-04-23 at 10:39:19 am Views: 215
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    Jadi Imaging Technologies  Launches “Empties Buyback Programme”.
    In conjunction with Earth Day today, toner manufacturer Jadi Imaging Technologies (JADI), has launched its “Empties Buyback Programme”.

    With over 350,000,000 cartridges thrown out to landfills each year, this initiative was launched with the objective of reducing its carbon footprint and to be more eco-friendly.

    “Approximately 50% of all toner cartridges are not recycled. While cartridges can take up to hundreds to thousands of years to decompose, this amount of waste can be reduced when you reuse and recycle,” said group CEO of Jadi Imaging Holdings Berhad, K.S. Liew.

    The mechanics of the programme are very simple, allowing almost anyone to help contribute towards this cause. One just need collect the empty toner cartridges and contact JADI when they are ready for collection.

    JADI provides free collection services.

    As an initial start to the programme, JADI accepts original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and compatible empty cartridges for selected Ricoh MPC models, but will eventually open up to other brand applications as well.

    The list of the eligible models can be found at http://www.jadi.com.my.
    Jadi's poster for the campaign. – Pic supplied, April 22, 2015.