UK Empties Recycler BCMY Launches “Pitch to Rich 2015 ” Competition.

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UK Empties Recycler BCMY Launches “Pitch to Rich 2015 ” Competition.

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    UK Empties Recycler BCMY Launches “Pitch to Rich 2015 ” Competition.
    UK recycler debuts new printer cartridge recycling service
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    BCMY also vies for a £250,000 marketing budget award as an entrant in the “Pitch to Rich 2015 #VOOM” competition.

    By RTGE Staff.

    Printer cartridge and consumables recycler BCMY Ltd., based in West Sussex, U.K., has debuted a new printer cartridge recycling service called

    The service offers businesses a new option for achieving their duty of care when dealing with cartridges, with no restrictions on the type, brand or model, the company says. is also connected with the service, meaning clients can donate rebates received from their cartridges to the charity of their choice, the company reports.

    Through the program, used cartridges are remanufactured into new cartridges, and materials that cannot be reused are recycled into secondary commodities, the company says. The company also says it can handle large toner cartridges and is working to process as many cartridges as possible.

    According to BCMY, the program is designed as a zero landfill, zero incineration, zero waste service. The company also says its new service is aimed at businesses that want to lower their impact on the environment, increase their corporate social responsibility, and improve their duty of care over their printer consumable waste. Furthermore the company says its unique technology gives the ability to manage significant volumes for numerous clients who can monitor their accounts remotely.

    The company also reports it has entered the Virgin “Pitch to Rich 2015 #VOOM” competition, in the Growth category, vying for a £250,000 marketing budget awarded to the winning entry, to be used for further business growth.

    A video on the program submitted as part of the competition,
    is available at

    To view the company’s pitch for the award and vote for as a winning Growth category program, visit Votes must be cast before May 5, 2015.

    Simon Gilchrist, managing director of BCMY, started the company in 2002 with a £3,000 Princes Trust loan. Now he operates from a large warehouse in the south of England employs 17 people.

    Last year BCMY recycled over 1.3 million ink cartridges and has aided donations of nearly £1 million to charity, the company reports.