Priceless Inkjet Cartridge Co. Offers Cash Rewards That Never Expire

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Priceless Inkjet Cartridge Co. Offers Cash Rewards That Never Expire

 news 2015-05-07 at 11:21:56 am Views: 221
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    Priceless Inkjet Cartridge Co. Offers Cash Rewards That Never Expire
    Priceless Inkjet Cartridge Co. (Priceless Ink & Toner) introduces to its customers the Members Ink Cash Rewards Loyalty Program with rewards that never expire

    May 05, 2015, 08:35 ET from Priceless Inkjet Cartridge Co. PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla., May 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ – Priceless Inkjet Cartridge Co. (Priceless Ink & Toner), a Florida-based printer supplies retailer, has launched a new customer loyalty and referral reward program called Members Ink. The cash rewards earned stay in your account until you want to use them. We don't take them away after so many months or lack of activity.

    "Why do consumers have to put up with losing their loyalty or rewards points?" says Roman Slipatchuk, Product Developer and Marketing Manager. "The Member Ink program is designed to give customers the rewards they deserve – with no strings attached."

    The Members Ink program is composed of two distinctive parts:

        Members Ink Loyalty Reward Program – with every purchase of compatible or remanufactured printer supplies, the customer is rewarded with a ten percent (10%) credit in their personal rewards account. The amount is based on the aggregate dollar value of the products in the transaction. The cash earned can be used later on their next purchase or left to accumulate within the personal savings account.

        Members Ink Referral Reward Program – customers can recommend (refer) Priceless Ink & Toner to their friends, colleagues and business acquaintances by providing them with their "personal referral link" to join the loyalty rewards program.

        Therefore, when a referred customer completes a transaction with Priceless, not only does the purchaser earn the ten percent (10%) dollar value reward but the individual, who provided the referral link would also earn a similar ten percent (10%) cash reward deposited into their loyalty account. All rewards are based on and calculated on transactions involving products that are classified as compatible, remanufactured or a remanufactured compatible brand.

    "We've always valued our customers and their business," said Elena Slipatchuk, CEO of Priceless Ink & Toner. "We strive to maintain that 'Priceless Relationship' and make our customers' shopping experience even better by introducing to them the Members Ink program. We think it will be beneficial for both our customers and our company. When you introduce a viable rewards program, your customers will appreciate the benefits and continue to introduce new customers to a company they already use and trust."

    Ms. Slipatchuk added, "After calculating the expense of search engine marketing (Pay Per Click), we figured it was a better way to attract loyal clients by rewarding them for their new customer referrals. The rewards program has been well received and after six months of regional testing, we already have some customers that are purchasing their printer products at no or little out of pocket cost but simply using their cash rewards from previous purchases and referral rewards from new customers. Everyone benefits, except maybe those selling search engine pay per click programs."

    It all boils down to the company you trust and the customer service they provide.For more information about Members Ink program, visit online at

    About Priceless Inkjet Cartridge Co.

    Priceless Ink & Toner Company is a major printing supplies retailer since 1999, which has served tens of thousands of customers offering them original brand, as well as professionally remanufactured and TAA Compliant printing supplies. Priceless is a certified Platinum Member of the Green Business Bureau and has achieved a long-standing AAA+ rating from the Better Business Bureau of Southwest Florida. Priceless has been acknowledged as an Accredited Business since 04/10/2000. Priceless Ink is a 100% Women Owned Small Business.