3D Printer Manufacturers Dont Want To Deal With Wholesalers

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3D Printer Manufacturers Dont Want To Deal With Wholesalers

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    3D Printer Manufacturers Dont Want To Deal With Wholesalers
    3D printer customers prefer direct sales – IDC
    By Hannah Breeze

    Big manufacturing customers making expensive 3D printer purchases prefer to bypass the channel and work with vendors direct, according to IDC.

    But the analyst added that there is a channel opportunity at the lower end of the market as firms dip their toes into the 3D printing market for the first time.

    According to new figures from IDC, 90 per cent of respondents at companies that have used 3D printers are "very satisfied" with their experience.

    The research highlights that a direct vendor-customer relationship is key, but adds that this varies depending on company size and market.

    Keith Kmetz, IDC's vice president for hardcopy peripherals solutions and services, warned that at the top end of the market, resellers might struggle to get a look-in on big sales.

    "The survey suggests a direct buying pattern (vendor to customer) for 3D printers, particularly in manufacturing environments [is preferred]," he said. "This is a market that shows a preference to buy direct from the vendor than other markets. These tend to be more expensive equipment."

    But he added that the channel is not locked out of the 3D printing market.

    "There is definitely opportunity for the channel," he said. "We are seeing that a certain level of 'hand-holding' is needed for the adoption of 3D printers. Customers are still trying to figure out the usage of such equipment and probably need more service and support versus a general document printer. The supplier (channel or vendor) needs to be sensitive to that customer requirement."