The Competitive Quest To Keep Up With

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The Competitive Quest To Keep Up With

 news 2015-05-14 at 12:20:23 pm Views: 270
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    The Competitive Quest To Keep Up With
    By Jim Ladd.
    Dear Readers and Advertisers, we would like to thank you for the continuous support over the past 13 years in bringing news to the industry, it has not been easy but our message for the  after market toner and ink consumables industry will not straight from our goal of keeping you informed, We are the only Toner and Ink Internet news source that release 20 to 35+ articles a week, thus we would like to make you aware of all the issues and the competition that it take to bring you news right to your mailbox, over the past few years specific information about our industry has been scarces to come by even with so many industry news sources, it's all a big puzzle that puts together on a weekly bases just for your reading pleasure.

    OEM News.
    We have noticed that News about the OEM's is getting hard to compile because of their relationships with Goggle and Microsoft, OEM news is not always available because in some case Google and Microsoft works directly in protecting their OEM friends and partners from un-friendly news, we have noticed this allot with Microsoft, furthermore OEM's are now more reluctant to release news due to our industries quick turn around time in exposing their views, since every story has more than one meanings.

    New News Trade Organizations.
    Over the past 3 years we have all seen the launch of other news trade organizations like Asia's and, finally got it together and stopped sending out the same news that we at send out the day before, it took them a while to figure this out and we are glad to see their success in their own news format, it's really pointless to resend out someone else's news that just when out the day before, alltough Uk's still misses that point since and to this day they continue to take our news and ideal and send it out the next day unfazed by their lack of vision for the industry? on the other side of the globe is its a decent news source if you are into lawsuits, Charley Brewer does a good job of exposing the fine details of all going industry lawsuits, if you are into that it makes for some good reading, however in our opinion Charley's news and his heart are more on the side of the OEM's than of the after market, he seams to really enjoy it when a manufacturer goes down a Little to much for our taste, maybe that's why the OEM's trust Charley in giving more insider info than any other trade news source.

    Other News Trade Organizations Changing Their News Format.,Image Source, industry analysts and have really changed their news format for the better, news is now mostly about dealers and software based information and has a pro OEM agenda that works fine for their news format since dealers and OEM's also need a voice in this industry, also lets not forget Image Source and industry analysts that have a very similar dealers and software based information news format, is now big into 3D printing, something new that our industry really needed to take us into the future of printing beside the usual copy and print.

     If you are still in this industry then you are a lucky dog and a hard working individual that gets their news from hard working news sources, furthermore you are a 1% per center and an elitist of the print industry, you bring print to the world and alltough you might not think that you are as successful as you want to be at times, the fact that your still around is a good sign for you and the after market industry, So enjoy your news from all these wonderfull industry news sources and thank you for supporting