Xerox Goes Undercover, Busts Toner Consumables Thefts

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Xerox Goes Undercover, Busts Toner Consumables Thefts

 news 2015-05-19 at 1:35:10 pm Views: 1020
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    Xerox Goes Undercover, Busts Toner Consumables Thefts
    By Erik Cagle
    PHILADELPHIA—And you thought Xerox just manufactured digital printing equipment and supplies. Apparently, the Norwalk, Connecticut, firm dabbles in the undercover investigation business as well, following stings that helped collar black market thieves and return more than a million dollars worth of pilfered goods.

    Xerox relied on a number of resources to take down the thieves, including chain security controls, audits of ordering and consumption, Web and marketplace monitoring, and fraud mitigation programs. The company keeps a watchful eye on the ordering and distribution of supplies to stave off leakage to the black market.

    Recently, Xerox helped put the kibosh on a three-year supply theft ring that recovered a staggering $1 million-plus in stolen consumables. A Missouri woman faces federal charges for stealing supplies from her office and shipping them to vendors in two other states.

    A New Jersey collar resulted after Xerox discovered metered supplies for sale in the open market. An employee of a rigging company hired by Xerox allegedly sold more than $60,000 in pinched property and has now been indicted on felony theft charges.

    A Kentucky man is serving a five-year prison stretch for selling contracted supplies on a personal eBay account.

    Xerox has assembled a worldwide team spanning brand protection, corporate security and legal departments to combat theft activities; the company also cooperates with other equipment manufacturers, along with local law enforcement, customs and excise agencies.

    The manufacturer offers these policies and procedures that can help your company fend off “five-finger” equipment evaporation. They include:

        Secure supplies by locking them in a cabinet or storage area.
        Avoid over-ordering and storing excessive stock onsite.
        Return unused supplies at the end of the contract or when upgrading equipment.
        Ensure employees are aware of their responsibilities and risk of termination if found convicted of stealing.

    Or, as John Bunnell of “World’s Wildest Police Videos” fame might say, “Don’t let your business tools stroll out the back door.”