The UAE Government is Now Officially Paperless.

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The UAE Government is Now Officially Paperless.

 news 2015-05-26 at 11:52:22 am Views: 416
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    The UAE Government is Now Officially Paperless.
    Next stage is to link all services, improve quality of smart applications

    More than 96 per cent of 337 most important day-to-day services have transitioned to smart platforms. The two-year timeline set for government departments to transition their services into electronic platforms came to an end yesterday, His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, announced on his Twitter page, saying he met with government officials to review the results of the transition.

    “Forty one Federal entities transitioned 96.3% of the 337 most important day-to-day services, thanks to government employees,” he tweeted, noting the success of government departments in achieving the shift to m-Services since the Smart government initiative was launched in May 2013.

    “Work teams managed to complete the shift to m-Services. The next stage is to link all services together, improve the quality of smart applications and achieve a high satisfaction rate for smart services,” Shaikh Mohammad said, “The report also explains that the low numbers of users of some m-Government services were attributed to low awareness of users and sometimes to the difficulty to use these services.”

    Shaikh Mohammad set a new target for the Smart Government team to raise the number of smart government services users to 80 per cent by 2018.

    One month ago, Shaikh Mohammad reminded government officials of yesterday’s deadline by posting a picture of the Smart Government initiative launch on his Twitter feed.

    “This is a picture of a tweet from two years ago. I would just like to remind government officials that in a month, we will be reviewing results of their work in achieving this goal,” the tweet in the picture posted by Shaikh Mohammad read, “We have given government officials a period of two years for the implementation of the smart government project. We have also promised that we will organise a farewell ceremony for government officials who do not achieve this goal.”

    Yesterday, Shaikh Mohammad said the deadline was “not meant to be a scourge hanging over work teams. Rather, it was meant to be just like any other ordinary practice in administration and leadership where a timeline is set for fulfilling each target that we have. The aim of our government is not to keep pace with the ongoing technological and scientific developments in the UAE but to lead these developments. This is no easy challenge.”!/images11/3435545559.jpg