Take The Money And Run, Lexmark Ceo Coons To Retire

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Take The Money And Run, Lexmark Ceo Coons To Retire

 news 2015-05-26 at 12:08:15 pm Views: 270
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    Take The Money And Run, Lexmark Ceo Coons To Retire
    Perceptive Software founder Scott Coons says he will retire


    For Scott Coons, the timing was right to wind down his career in the software world.

    Twenty years ago, he founded Lenexa-based Perceptive Software Inc., which Lexmark International Inc. acquired in 2010. Lexmark rebranded the company as Lexmark Enterprise Software earlier this year.

    "I have been at it for 20 years, and I told Paul Rooke, our CEO, 'If we find the right leader, I'm ready to move into retirement,'" said Coons, who was president of Lexmark Enterprise Software.

    Lexmark found the "right leader" in Kofax Ltd., which Lexmark recently acquired for $1 billion. Coons called new President Reynolds Bish a qualified leader.

    "He's been very successful and is very sharp," Coons said. "I have a lot of confidence in him and his ability to lead the team moving forward."

    Coons said the acquisition of Kofax didn't play a role in his decision to retire. Since 2010, Lexmark has acquired a number of other companies and is skilled at integrating new companies into the mix, he said.

    Although Coons could have left the company when it was acquired in 2010, he chose to stay because of the opportunities Lexmark offered. Lexmark tasked Perceptive Software with being its "thought leader" in the enterprise software space, and it gave Coons the money and platform to grow Perceptive Software globally. The experience was rewarding, he said.

    Coons will retire July 31 and plans to spend more time with his wife and family. Another item on his to-do list is traveling.

    "I got to see a lot of the world from a business perspective, but it's always go in, do my work and leave. Now I'm looking forward to going back to those locations and being a tourist," he said.

    Some of the top spots he plans to visit include the Middle East, Greece and Eastern Europe.

    As for the future of Lexmark Enterprise Software, Coons said that the company is in a "great position" and that it's growing.

    "Lexmark is a wonderful organization and business," he said. "We really are doing some things that are really evolutionary in the market in terms of the problems we can solve for our customers. I'm very excited about what we have to offer and where we're going."