Uk's Tonerman Ltd Robbed For £180,000 Worth Of Toner

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Uk's Tonerman Ltd Robbed For £180,000 Worth Of Toner

 news 2015-06-30 at 12:28:55 pm Views: 466
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    Uk's Tonerman Ltd Robbed For £180,000 Worth Of Toner
    Family business victim of £180,000 heist

    THIEVES have carried out a huge heist on a family run business in Northwich, making off with more than £180,000 worth of goods.

    Tonerman Ltd, located on Kingfisher Court, was broken into between 11pm on Sunday June 21 and 7am on Monday June 22.

    The thieves broke through the main security gate, burning away the metal barricades at the entrance in order to get the vehicle through.

    They made away with commercial toner and printer cartridges in an unidentified van.

    Mike Goodman, the co-owner of Tonerman, said: “The thieves knew what they were taking and focused on the high value, high demand products.

    “We are now trying to replace that stock to meet our customer orders, but I really would like to recover the stolen property and will offer a reward of £5,000 to anyone who can provide information about the theft that leads to an arrest and conviction.”

    Claire, Mike’s wife and also co-owner of the shop explained how the evidence left behind pointed to a well-planned and pre-meditated crime.

    She said: “I think it was definitely planned, the way they came so well-equipped. Outside we have the poles that you pull out of the ground to stop vehicles, and they had burnt them straight out.”

    This is not the first time that the Goodman family and their business have been the victim of a devastating loss.

    The shop used to be based on Queen Street but had moved recently after a fire ripped through the building in March 2014.

    Claire said: “It is just a kick in the teeth. We had a major fire last year. We were just getting over that and this happened. It is all a bit upsetting to be honest.”

    Police are now appealing for witnesses to the burglary.

     Traders are also being asked to be on their guard for anyone selling them printer products either in cash or at a discounted price.

    Anyone with information should contact Cheshire Police immediately on 101.