Canon's New Toner & Ink cartridge Reprocessing Plant Is Now Live

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Canon's New Toner & Ink cartridge Reprocessing Plant Is Now Live

 news 2015-07-07 at 12:41:22 pm Views: 379
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    Canon's New Toner & Ink cartridge Reprocessing Plant Is Now Live
    Canon Invests 60bn Yen in Recycling Plant

    By Colin Silvester

    Canon announced that its new printer toner and ink cartridge reprocessing plant had been brought on line. Canon invested 60bn yen in the new system which provides a 50% increase in throughput compared to its previous facilities. As a result, Canon is now able to extract, annually, up to 3,000 tonnes of reusable materials from business-related equipment and 150 tonnes from home-use equipment.

    The new plant has been installed in Canon’s subsidiary firm, “Canon Ecology Industry Inc”, which was established in 2004 in Ibaraki prefecture as part of Canon’s efforts to increase resource productivity. The plant initially pulverises the cartridges, then extracts any iron, aluminium and other impurities, leaving granules of polystyrene resin that can then be reused within the production of new cartridges in Canon’s factories, also located in Ibaraki.

    Canon Ecology Industry supports Canon Group’s published Environmental Assurance Philosophy which aims to promote a society based on “Kyosei” which is the “harmony between mankind and the Earth”. Its mission statement maps out the company’s two key activities: that of reusing or recycling components and materials from its imaging technology. The company describes itself as the group’s “vein factory”, since it functions in a similar way to a biological vein, transporting used materials (blood) to be purified before being recirculated.