Nederland's Launches Online 3D Printing Store

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Nederland's Launches Online 3D Printing Store

 news 2015-07-21 at 10:43:08 am Views: 287
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    Nederland's  Launches Online 3D Printing Store
    Leading Dutch printer supplies retailer launches online 3D printing store.

    A new online store dedicated entirely to 3D printing has just launched in the Netherlands. It’s called The store is open to novices, professionals and everyone in between. is a new concept from the Dutch leader in online sales of printer supplies.

    Nederhorst den Berg, 20th of July 2015 – makes the growing 3D printer market accessible for Dutch end users, professionals and educational institutions. With a highly specialised product range, the online store sells everything from entry-level 3D printers and filament to 3D printer kits and parts. is one of the offspring of, the established leader in online sales of printer supplies in the Netherlands. The company has 15 years of experience in e-commerce and the printing industry and has a customer base of one and a half million customers. director Gerben Kreuning has great expectations for the new 3D printing store:

    “3D-printing is the future and so is We’re the right company to become the leader in online sales of 3D printer supplies in the Netherlands and Belgium. Not only are we the first to offer a complete selection of 3D supplies, but we also excel in offering customer service and support. I have no doubt that we will quickly make a name for ourselves in the 3D printing world!”

    The company has already been selling a small selection of filament via, alongside inkjet and laser printer supplies. offers more room for a specialised product range. One unique product already making the news is “Purement”, an anti-microbial PLA filament. Purement prevents bacteria growth and is seen as a revolutionary product for the 3D-printing of toys, educational material and kitchen tools. is the only official Purement dealer in the Netherlands.\

    About is the leader in online sales of ink and toner cartridges in the Dutch market, with one and a half million customers in the Netherlands and Belgium. This year was chosen, for the eighth year in a row, as the ‘Best online store in the Netherlands’ in the category Computer, Hardware and Software. Last year the company added to its portfolio by launching the dedicated battery store and the dedicated LED store