ILG Announces Integration With ECi / e-automate®

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ILG Announces Integration With ECi / e-automate®

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    ILG Announces Integration With ECi / e-automate®
    Calabasas, CA – ILG (International Laser Group), a member of the Turbon Group, is proud to announce Private Supply Network Integration with ECI’s e-automate®  system.

      ECi Software Solutions (, a leader in industry-specific information technology solutions and ILG (International Laser Group), today announced that Private Supply Network (PSN) integration with its e-automate® software for dealers who provide technology services and office equipment has been completed. Through the PSN, ILG can now be easily accessed directly within e-automate®, unifying the purchasing process from order placement through invoicing. e-automate® dealers can place orders with ILG (International Laser Group) without ever leaving their e-automate system, creating a seamless purchasing experience. ILG (International Laser Group) provide a large product mix of supplies and have been leading wholesalers in the service technology industry for more than 26 years.

    Please contact your ILG sales representative for details. Call: 800-937-2880.

    About ECI:
    The ECi Software Solutions family of companies provides business and e-commerce solutions, offering on-premise and cloud-based technologies. For 30+ years, ECi’s companies have served small to medium sized manufacturing, wholesale/retail distribution, building and construction, and services organizations. Privately held, ECi is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, with offices and companies throughout the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, England and the Netherlands. For information, email, visit, or call (800) 959-3367

    ILG, a member of the Turbon Group, is an industry leader in premium quality OEM alternative imaging supplies. ILG remanufactures a large selection of brand name OEM alternative toner cartridges, including both monochrome and color laser toners, JUMBO COLOR®, and MICR cartridges.  Located in Calabasas, CA, ILG operates five distribution facilities in California, Texas, Illinois, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.