Fear "The Paperless Planet" In a New Campaign From Canon inc

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Fear "The Paperless Planet" In a New Campaign From Canon inc

 news 2015-08-17 at 11:07:39 am Views: 211
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    Fear "The Paperless Planet" In New Ad Campaign From Canon inc
    But will it make you paranoid enough to buy a printer?

    By Jeff Beer

    Click on this Link To See the Video:

    We live in exciting technological times. With a few taps of a smartphone, you can find a mate, order a pizza, protest an injustice, pay your phone bill, get a university degree, be ordained, and so much more. But are we truly ready for a completely paperless society?

    Canon aims to plant a wee nugget of doubt in that arena with a trio of funny spots for its new Pixma line of printers. The ads, by agency Grey New York, attempt to illustrate the grave perils that could await anyone who depends too heavily on the almighty screen.