China's Print-Rite: Is it Worth – Skating On Thin Ice?

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China's Print-Rite: Is it Worth – Skating On Thin Ice?

 news 2015-09-01 at 11:20:19 am Views: 223
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    China's Print Rite: Is it Worth – Skating On Thin Ice?

    About 30 seizure and forfeiture orders by USITC (United States International Trade Commission), 20th aftermarket printing supplies company to be issued such a notice..!!! And all of these, within August 2015…!  And we know for sure that there’s more to come.

    Yes, yet another case of prohibition of entry of integrated inkjet products (cartridges with print head). On 4th of August this year, a very reputed member of the remanufacturing industry based out of California, was slapped with a notice by USITC after CBP (Customs and Border Protection) denied entry for certain inkjet products that the company was importing. The GEO (General Exclusion Order awarded) that was handed out by the CBP issued by ITC, awarded to HP (Investigation No.337-TA-723)said, it prohibits the import of certain integrated inkjet cartridges (or cartridges with print head) and the patent of which are held by HP, the patent numbers being 6,234,598, 6,309,053, 6,398,347, 6,481,817, and 6,402,279. The order that was handed out, clearly stated that the customs denied the entry of the above mentioned products and had earlier already provided the owner, transporter and/or consignee a written notice of the GEO which quoted “the fact that seizure and forfeiture would result from any further attempt to import the articles into the United States”, owing to a particular investigation in this case, during the middle of July, 2015. A similar incident had also happened last June when an industry behemoth based out of Zhuhai was also acquitted of patent infringement in USA with a similar notice; however they did come out clean later. It proves that USA is being a strict watchdog lately for any patent infringing products entering their market.  
    Just how we do it right – Print-Rite has time and again demonstrated its ability to innovate and come out with engineering solutions, thus keeping themselves ahead for 35 years straight.  Last Month Print – Rite received a patent Allowance Notice on its PR2 gear while others are aching for the possible General Exclusion Order (GEO) of Canon ‘dongle gear’ investigation (No.337-918) likely to be issued by ITC in coming September.  Like our granted patent on our NonTwistTM gear, Print Rite greatly demonstrates its edge in innovation and capability in providing engineering solutions.  Thus PR-2 gear designed by Print-Rite can be seen as a rescue to the aftermarket industry.

    Thanks to our dedication to innovation and commitment in R&D, our PR2 gear has arrived to rescue the industry.  What value does this PR2 gear provide?   The key innovation is the coupling member of PR-2, in engagement or disengagement with the printer drive shaft; it does not have any inclination. ‘PR2 gear used in the HP CE 505, HP CF 280, or HP CE 255 range provides our clients with a perfect solution for staying clear of the patent issue,’ explained head of R&D at Print-Rite.

    In short, PR-2 gear can be used in both new build and remanufactured cartridges.  Patent safe solutions for your business are now at your doorstep.  Hot models include CE255, CE505, CF 280, CE 410-413, CE 278 and CF 283.