Assessment of China's Market for Inks

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Assessment of China's Market for Inks

 news 2015-09-21 at 11:29:59 am Views: 275
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    Assessment of China's Market for Inks

    The report features in-depth analysis of the Chinese ink market and its segmented markets (lithographic, gravure, flexographic, screen & textile and letterpress ink markets), providing market figures and breakdowns such as the market share of leading players, output compared to production capacity, and the proportion of revenue from different applications for each of these four product segments. It also identifies, describes and assesses the impact of current market forces as viewed by current market players. The scope of the market is defined as domestic Mainland China sales and imports, which totaled around RMB 20.1 Bn in 2015.

    Products include lithographic, gravure, flexographic, screen & textile and letterpress ink and further divides into solvent based, water based and uv ink.

    Executive Summary:

    The author estimates that the domestic market of ink in China is valued at over RMB 20.1 Bn as of the year end of 2014. The study finds that the overall ink market will continue to grow but at a slower rate of 5.5%, below GDP growth rate in the next few years. Segmented markets such as flexographic and screen & textile ink markets will enjoy higher than 6% growth rates.

    The report features in-depth analysis of the five segmented products categorized by printing plate, lithographic, gravure, flexographic, screen & textile and letterpress inks and finds that the market is gradually shifting towards higher quality products with large R&D. Lithographic ink is still consisting of the largest segment of the market though it has the lowest expected growth rate among all product segments. It is expected that flexographic and screen & textile inks are going to have larger market share in the overall market. The majority of the Chinese ink is used in flexible packaging which is also one of the high growth downstream industries. Other end-user industries such as PCB circuit boards and labels are also expected to grow faster in the near future. On the contrary, publication printing industry is forecasted to decline gradually in the next foreseeable five years.

    With environmental advocates and ordering of the competition from the Chinese central government, the market is gradually moving to high end with the need of large R&D funds and technology innovation where foreign suppliers have more advantages. However, Chinese suppliers are leading with a 68% market share, which is significantly higher than five years ago in the last survey.

    This market study draws on a three month in-depth primary survey of 82 of the market's suppliers, channel players and experts. Major areas for each product segment covered include: market size and shares, five-year projections, market structure, pricing trends, distribution, an assessment of key suppliers and more. Recent developments to product technology, the dynamics of end-user demands, and application trends are all addressed and thoroughly examined.

    Companies Mentioned:

    - China Neweast Printing Ink Group
    - Chongqing Jinxiang Packaging Material
    - Color Ink
    - DIC (Guangdong)
    - DIC (Shanghai)
    - DIC (Shenzhen)
    - DIC (Taiyuan)
    - Encres Dubuit Shanghai
    - Flint Ink
    - Guangdong Sky Dragon Ink
    - Guangzhou Mingxin Packaging Technology
    - Guangzhou Runjing Graphic
    - Guangzhou Tiansheng Printing Equipment
    - Hangzhou Shenghao Printing Equipment
    - Hangzhou Yasheng Paint Ink
    - Huber Group
    - Jiangsu Kuangshun Photosensitivity New-Material Stock
    - Kingswood Inks
    - Letong Chemical
    - Linyi Qingsong Ink
    - Meilihua Ink
    - Peony Ink
    - Rongda
    - Samwo Group
    - Seiko Advance
    - Shanghai Aesthetic Ink
    - Shanghai Silian Industry Company
    - Shanghai Toyo Ink
    - Shanghai Zhengxiong Printing Equipment
    - Shensaier Ink
    - Siegwerk Shanghai
    - Taiyo Ink
    - Teikoku Printing Inks
    - Tianjin Toyo Ink
    - Toka Ink
    - Toyo Ink (Jiangmen)
    - Van Son
    - Wuhan Huaguang Printing Equipment
    - Xian Weikerui Pressroom Products
    - Xinxiang Wende Xiangchuan Printing Ink
    - Yingke Ink
    - Yip's Chemical Holdings
    - Zhejiang Yongzai Chemical Industry
    - Zhongrun Ink


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