Delacamp Ag & Omnigraph to Host Reman Toner Seminar in Athens, Greece

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Delacamp Ag & Omnigraph to Host Reman Toner Seminar in Athens, Greece

 news 2015-09-29 at 9:47:47 am Views: 270
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    Delacamp Ag & Omnigraph to Host Reman Toner Seminar in Athens, Greece

    Athens, Greece, 25/09/2015 Delacamp AG, has announced that it will organize a seminar aimed at all remanufacturers and resellers in Greece and Cyprus. The event will be held at the Metropolitan Hotel Athens on the 25th October and will feature various topics around remanufacturing and its industry. This Seminar will be hosted together with OmniGraph, which is Delacamp’s preferred distributor in the region.

    Some of the highlights offered in this seminar will include technical presentations on how to remanufacture cartridges from popular models, especially from the brands of HP and Samsung. Additional discussions will cover multiple topics concerning the remanufacturing industry such as introduction of quality products including chemical produced toner and upcoming trends and regional opportunities.

    The seminar offers the chance for remanufacturers and resellers in Greece and Cyprus to obtain and exchange technical and commercial information on various issues. This is important for every company and plays a crucial role for smaller companies as access to information on technical procedures or market trends is limited.

    Susanne Przybylski, Area Sales Manager of Delacamp AG expects the seminar to be successful and hopes that a good number of existing customers will participate together with potential customers and other companies from the region involved in remanufacturing. She adds: “We see Greece as a market with growth potential where being active and present is vital for success. Holding this seminar is important to show our dedication towards the Greek market.”
    Just as Woody Allen said : “80% of success is showing up.”

    Markos Lianos, owner of OmniGraph, added: “We are proud to host this seminar for the first time in Greece. We are happy to present to our customers the benefits available from our close cooperation with Delacamp and new trends in our industry and methodologies related to the toner remanufacturing.”

    OmniGraph, is located in Athens, Greece. Established in 2003 is a leading supplier of components and consumables for the remanufacturing industry, as well as consumables for copier machines. OMNIGRAPH is the national distributor of Sensient inks and the preferred distributor of DELACAMP in Greece and Cyprus.

    DELACAMP, with its main office located in Hamburg, Germany is a leading supplier of components and consumables to the remanufacturing industry as well as consumables, components and spare parts for copier machines worldwide. In order to provide superior service to its customers, Delacamp holds a large selection and inventory of matched quality components at competitive prices for immediate delivery. DELACAMP is the exclusive distributor of MK Imaging, DC SELECT, BioBlack, CPT and Kuroki branded products in EMEA. DELACAMP: Serving customers since 1879.

    Thomas Spicker – Sales Manager
    Mr. Thomas Spicker was born in Duesseldorf, Germany. Following his International Business Degree he spent a number of years in International Business in the Steel Industry and in Consulting, living in and travelling to various countries around the globe. He became General Manager of Katun in Germany in 1986, grew the European Katun business and was named Katun’s General Manager and Vice President, International. In 1992 he was offered a Senior Management position at Katun’s Headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA where he worked for many years. During his management Katun grew from a US-centric company to a truly international organization with global sales, service and distribution. In 2004 Mr. Spicker joined Mitsubishi Chemical in Virginia, USA as International Sales Manager and was later appointed to Vice President Sales of MKIC/Future Graphics near Los Angeles, California. After nearly 22 years in the USA, Mr. Spicker decided to return to Europe where he joined the management team of Delacamp AG in Hamburg, Germany.
    Mr. Spicker is dual US/EU citizen, married and has 3 wonderful grown-up daughters, 2 grand-sons and a dog. In his spare time he enjoys football, reading a good book and spending time with the family.

    Mihaly Sandor – Technician
    Mr. Mihaly Sandor was born in a town near Temeswar, Romania. After his graduation from School of Economics he started his business career as a bookkeeper at the local tax office. After 10 years he moved to Hungary and started to work in the remanufacturing industry of laser printer cartridges. He joined FARBAX KFT as a technician in the R&D department and was promoted to the production manager position in 2009. In 2011 Mr. Sandor moved to Hamburg, Germany where he joined Delacamp AG in the R&D Technical department. He is in charge of technical customer support, new product evaluation and new product development. Mr. Sandor is fluent in Romanian, Hungarian, English and German. In his free time he likes to spend time with his family, repair things and ride his bicycle.

    Susanne Przybylski – Area Sales Manager
    Susanne Przybylski née Dannehl was born in Flensburg, Germany. After her matriculation standard and the training as a registered business assistant she finished her commercial education.
    Her business career started in 1999 at a trading company located in Flensburg. Susanne was in charge of the franchise-partner located in Germany. In 2001 she moved to Hamburg and started work with Delacamp AG as a sales representative.  At the very beginning she was in charge of customers located in Germany and Greece only, but this changed shortly after joining Delacamp. Since 2002 she is responsible for all customer activities and sales in parts of Eastern Europe and South-East Europe. In 2004 Susanne was promoted to Area Sales Manager.
    In her free time she likes to do sport, to hike and to ride her motorbike.

    Markos Lianos – Co-owner
    Mr. Markos Lianos was born in Athens, Greece. After the compulsory military service he studied Business Administration in University of Piraeus. He started his carrier as a sales representative in the Greek subsidiary of the U.S. telco Verizon, where he soon became sales manager. He continued his career in Wind Hellas before establishing OmniGraph in 2003. From that time he is running the remanufacturing company. He is still living in Athens, spending his free time with his family and twin kids.