Kyocera Admits "We Can’t Beat Compatible Competitors on Toner Prices"

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Kyocera Admits "We Can’t Beat Compatible Competitors on Toner Prices"

 news 2015-10-27 at 11:57:13 am Views: 296
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    Kyocera Admits "We Can’t Beat Compatible Competitors on Toner Prices"
    LONDON–With businesses under continual pressure to cut costs it’s no surprise that printing is one of the areas facing scrutiny. The easiest cost savings to make are the ones that are quick and easy, but these can sometimes pose a bigger threat in the long term.


    Take toner and inkjet cartridges, for example. At KYOCERA we have been waxing lyrical about the benefits of using genuine cartridges in our laser devices for years, yet there are alternatives on the market which seemingly represent a better financial deal. A quick search will identify numerous adverts for compatible cartridges using words like ‘cheap’, ‘cost effective’, and ‘unbeatable price’.

    We can’t beat compatible competitors on price, because we have substantial research and development costs that come with developing innovative devices that do things differently.

    It’s true that in the short-term you may save money. But what you save on toner and inkjet cartridges will, more often than not, be wiped out in the long term by the increased cost of spare parts and servicing. What was a quick and easy way to cut overheads may well outweigh these savings and shorten the product’s life.

    Compatible cartridges in high-rate machines damage good-quality printing products. With toner, it’s even more critical than inkjet ink to use a quality consumable, as the product is more easily damaged. KYOCERA genuine toner contains cleaning beads, which are essential to ensuring the printer drum is kept clean and particle free. This is particularly important as our drums are designed to last several hundred thousand copies. By not using genuine products, you might fail to meet the printer manufacturer’s guaranteed print volumes – meaning you’re not getting the value you had expected from the device.

    Compatible toner particles are often the incorrect size – leading to poor print quality. With the wrong toner and inkjet cartridges you should expect a range of common issues, such as streaky grey backgrounds, drop off, uneven print quality and even ghosting on the page (bits of the previous page making an unwelcome appearance).

    Whilst we won’t refill empty toner or cartridges we do ensure that all empties are recycled responsibly. We offer a returns service for all used, genuine KYOCERA toner cassettes and waste toner bottles, which sees them prepared for reuse in a variety of products.