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    The Reman Toner Revolution!
    The History Of And How It helped Change An Industry.

    By J.Ladd And H.Milner

    After getting out of college in the early 1980's i found myself in the need of work to supplement my music career, i ended working in a toner phoner boiler room as a shipping clerk while aspiring to play my guitar on the world famous Sunset strip in Los Angeles Calif, it was the 80's and in the 80's the was really just 3 types of people, old fuddy dud-dies that never let you do anything, Disco'ers or Rockers, for me if was a pretty simple choice but a Toner careers was the furthest thing from my mind, i would never guessed that 36 years later i would still be pitching toner.


    Toner Phoner Boiler Rooms in the 80's
    As i found myself working as a cold caller and as a shipping clerk from one toner room to another over that decade, i noticed that i was not very good at being a "Toner phoner" and yes i had a conscious and pitching toner was a totally boring subject that always bothered me since it was not completely legal and waking up everyday super earlier (5am) to call businesses on the east coast really did always work with my Rock-N-Roll habits from the nights before, but looking back it was still a great time to be growing up in Los Angeles and to meet so many wonderful artistic people that are still my friends to this day, keep in mind that in the 80's there where many types of boiler rooms in the US not just toner boiler rooms, there was rooms that sold imprinted pens and markers and coffee mugs, T-shirts etc, etc,  Boiler Rooms enabled many artist, thousands all over the U.S. to work in the morning and create their art for the rest of the day, there was actor's, writers, musician's, comedian's all kinds of people that aspired to be great in their arts and these type of boiler rooms where the way to go in the 80's they provided income and time for your artistic side.

    as i was working in these Toner Boiler Rooms as a shipping clerk i learned all about toner, in the early 80's there was basically only 3 copier brands, Xerox, 3M and Scm, its was not until 1984 that the Japanese brands like Canon, Toshiba, Savin and others came into the picture, i remember very well the Savin 770 TD pack it was one of the first liquid toner available to businesses, those savin TD packs weight around 40lbs and where super toxic, you could just smell them a mile away and god forbid that they leaked when shipping, but beside the Savin TD packs most of these OEM brand toner's where basically a bottle filled with ink, and for the record OEM's sold new toner's to these boiler rooms as well, i remember it very clearly that the rep's would come in a shake your hand and asked to talk to the buyers for that boiler room, let's face it in the 80's you couldn't give toner away to anyone or any business so these toner boiler rooms found a way to sell it to the public and the OEM's went along with it with arms wide open, its wasn't until the late 90's that these toner boiler rooms started to shut down, some stayed in business but for the most part it was pretty much over for them by the end of the 90's.


    The 90's Bring a Change in Printing Technology.
    As the eighties ended it was time for me to get a little more serious about life since i had a baby on the way and i decided to open a straight and honest retail toner business and with the help of a friend's credit card and some hard work i found some success at selling toner but retail was always small money and very time consuming so i started to sell surplus toner on the side, also right about that time i also noticed new toner technology like Hp's first series 1 toner the famous 92285A and Xerox's copy cartridge the 13R9, plus these where now called "laser cartridge", Wow now we are talking Lasers??? the prints where clean and exact and businesses around the world where jumping on this technology plus it was also the start of the computer revolution, things where rocking for print like never before, i spent most of the 90's getting surplus toner back from all over the US that the toner phoner boiler rooms had stocked most of America with it in the 80's, it was a time of success and now reflection after so many years, everyone was printing like crazy and some of these toner phoner boiler rooms eventually became legit wholesalers and some of these wholesalers are still around to day (don't ask me who they are, cannot divulge) as i was calling to get my surplus toner from one business to another i noticed something else, that allot of these used/ empty toner's where sitting and piling up in the back warehouses of most businesses and allot of managers where asking me to take these used/empty toner's for free just got get them out of there, but with all the resources that i had and all the people that i knew i still did not have anyone or any company that wanted these used/empty toner's back? so most companies just threw them away, i was surprise to lean later in the late 90's that you could send these back for recycling to the OEM's but before that there was NO recycling of empties anywhere and thats how The Reman Toner & ink Industry started to Exist, many visionary people like the folks that ran Mse(Laser imaging), Clover, Ld Products and S.C.C. in the U.S. (please excuse me if i don't mention everyone) and many others Companies around the world had these visionary people that built thriving empires that are now still ruling the globe today, the OEM's did not really star to take recycling of used/empty seriously until 2000 but by then it was already to late for them, many people had popped open these abandoned laser toner that where sitting in the back of businesses and figure out how to clean them and make them work again and resold them all around the world.

    In the late 90's The Reman Toner & ink Industry starts to Exist.
    Look you cant blame the OEM's for everything,  if only they had collected all those empties and stayed on top of their recycling in the late 80's and troughout the 90's then the reman toner industry that we know today would of never happened, they (the Oem's) would of rulled all toner related print and we would never of been here to talk about it, but they didn't?, also keep in mind that global recycling didn't really take off until 2000 when there was an international push by all the big IT companies to collect used computer equipment gear and that helped the reman industry as well, started right about that time when i baught an Internet toner bulletin board called Cartsite for around $700 in 1999 and some people started to post product and events but it was still small time then it changed again and was called and then in 2002 it became and that's when things started to change with the OEM's as well, they got smart and noticed that their uncollected empties where taking a slice of their billion$ and now we see the current consequences of that, was really created at that time for all the underdogs of this industry and worked then and still works today the same way, we've helped remanfucturers around the world to have a voice, has done more for the reman toner industry then any other trade publication to date.

    The Reman Toner & ink Industry Exists Today,
    simply because the OEM's never recycled their empty toner cartridges and some visionary people found a way to extract Gold out of Black ink. 

    And now the Chinese have ruined the industry for everyone, to be continued…..

    Copy Communications inc/ [email protected]

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