700 Lexmark Employees Go On Strike In Ciudad Juarez Mexico

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700 Lexmark Employees Go On Strike In Ciudad Juarez Mexico

 news 2015-12-09 at 2:29:35 pm Views: 445
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    700 Lexmark Employees Go On Strike In Ciudad Juarez Mexico 

    Today a work stoppage took place in the Lexmark plant, south-east of Ciudad Juarez. 
    Growing labor movement on the border of Chihuahua, four floors unions require registration by mobilizing and negotiating with companies and labor authorities

    Regeneration, December 8, 2015. Over 700 employees of the company Lexmark, stopped today at about 3.30 pm, the production of all its lines, to the surprise and dismay of its executives, demanding wage increases, reduced production standards, written holidays, the plant pays the cafeteria and the implementation of security measures that prevent undermining tell your health, pollution toner, printer notification. Desperate, at 5:00 pm, they ordered the evacuation of the plant on special transport trucks, reporting that pay them their full salary, and achieve stop the brawl.

    Independent unions of four industrial plants, continue taking action by way of mobilizing and via the labor arbitration against the company and authorities, according to spokesmen and lawyers movement.

    Monday, plant workers stopped work Lexmark shouting "minimum wage the manager to see what it feels like," reported the "Paso del Norte" Assembly, which provides permanent press coverage in the camp of workers abroad of the plant.

    Furthermore, last Saturday, they held an event of solidarity gathering, in a place called El Refugio, which was attended by cress. The entrance, in exchange for non-perishable food.

    On 3 February, the sit-in strike movement of workers from the Lexmark plant, south-east of Ciudad Juarez, a woman worker who participated in this protest today, shared his testimony. Single mother of three children in adolescent and young age, argues that the wages of maquila not enough to support a household.


    She is just one of the many diverse voices that begin to manifest among the workers in the industry, who share testimony of inhuman treatment by the structure of corporations.

    Discrimination, harassment, bullying by managers and leaders and one of the worst effects of the economic profit above respect the worker: medical malpractice nursing areas.

    A labor lawyer said Susana Prieto Terrazas, there are absolute conditions both Lexmark job insecurity, and Eaton / Bussman, corporations advising assemblies. But this situation is widespread within the maquiladora industry in collusion with the state labor authority, considers.

    The legal representative denounced suspensions without pay; arbitrary breaks, deductions of up to 350 pesos for a fault or error in production.

    In the area of ​​nephrology IMSS, have been increasing cases of kidney damages in workers who spend hours supporting the physiological need for years, which results in the development of urinary tract infections.

    He added that many workers lose capacity in the arms and legs as they stand and made some up to 30 years, the same functions, causing loss of function at an early age.

    According to Prieto Terrazas, the workers of the maquiladora Chihuahua, Veracruz, Chiapas and other states require that the great effort made at least look in their daily paid economy.