Mitsubishi Kagaku Imaging Future Graphics To Lay Off 83 in Va. USA

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Mitsubishi Kagaku Imaging Future Graphics To Lay Off 83 in Va. USA

 news 2015-12-10 at 1:03:51 pm Views: 318
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    Mitsubishi Kagaku Imaging/Future Graphics To Lay Off 83 in Virginia USA

    California-based Mitsubishi Kagaku Imaging Corp. will lay off 83 people in Chesapeake, starting next month.

    The company, also known as Future Graphics, said in a statement Tuesday that it will close its monochrome toner plant in Chesapeake in March.

    Mitsubishi Kagaku President and CEO Hiromitsu Takayama said the decision was very hard to make but, in the end, the closing needed to occur as part of the company’s reorganization efforts.

    The layoffs were announced on a Virginia state website that lists job cuts and closings in compliance with the federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act. The site said 83 people will lose their jobs, beginning Jan. 19.

    The company closed another of its plants in Chesapeake, laying off about 80 workers in 2008.