Exposes An Industry With No Cojones

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 news 2016-01-05 at 11:14:36 am Views: 483
  • #44760 Exposes An Industry With No Cojones. 
    By Jim Ladd 
    We strongly believe that our constant exposure on Social Media of recent News events at the Lexmark Suarez Mexico Plant forced Lexmark to look at a strategic option for it's printer and Consumables business faster then they wanted, you can no longer employs slave for little money and get away with it these days in a social responsible media society, Lexmark's failure in Mexico should come as fair warning to other OEMs' in the Print industry that employ Slaves throughout the world, treat people right or get called out on it, thus we believe That these events in Mexico along with the report of Lexmark's accountings books being cooked in 2014 ads up to the end of Lexmark CEO Paul Rookes, we believe that his days are now numbered.
    Other Trade Publications That Lack Real Substance in Their News. 
    When the initial news of the strike at the Lexmark Suarez Mexico plant first broke out, we at Tonernews where on top of it as usual and where waiting to see what other trade publication would run the story? to our surprise U.K.'s was the only other industry news site that ran the story? nothing from,,,, and many others, not a word? was it because it was the holidays and they didn't want to stir things up right before Xmas, was it because they didn't have the time to put it together? was it because it did not fit their Agenda?, guess we will never know? now rumor has it that Lexmark is selling it's Print and Consumables business to Konica Minolta, should make things very interesting going forward in 2016. 
    Top Reman Toner and Ink Internet Retailers Also a No-Show.  
    Since we have many contacts in the industry we also contacted a few of the Top Reman Toner and Ink Internet Retailers to see if they could post this Lexmark news Strike on their sites and take part in this event and to our surprise none of theses Top Reman Toner and Ink Internet Retailers that we contacted wanted to touch this story either? Now that's when we realized that this industry is really in complete LA-LA land, No balls, no substance just keep your mouth shut, take the money and run.
    (Sorry to all my friends in the reman industry, but this is really what happened) 
    At some point after making ten of Millions of Dollars/ Billions over these last decades you would think that this industry would have a few players that would show some backbone, some guts, some substance? but that is not the case in our industry, hopefully this article will make some of them rethink their business and ethic values going forward, since money is not everything and treating society right is all in our best interest going forward. 

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