Mexico Employees Hold Consecutive Night Shift Strikes Vs. Lexmark…..

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Mexico Employees Hold Consecutive Night Shift Strikes Vs. Lexmark…..

 news 2016-02-09 at 12:30:17 pm Views: 330
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    Lexmark Mexico Employees Hold Night Shift Strikes And Elect An Independent Candidacy in Ciudad Juárez Mexico.
    (This Articles was Tranlated from Spanish to English)
    Working the maquila causes uproar by aspiring independent candidacy in Ciudad Juárez 
    The labor movement that emerged in Ciudad Juárez with the brave workers of EATON, Foxconn and Lexmark decided at a meeting to launch an independent bid for the Municipality of Ciudad Juárez.

    The workers' resistance, who demand the right to free unionization, wage increase, end sexual and labor harassment in the maquiladoras, the assembly decided to promote an independent candidate outside the record of all the parties in Congress.

    So they approved democratically by Antonia Hernández Hinojosa. "Toñita" as it is known by his comrades. He is 45 years old and is working dismissed EATON Bussman. He began to organize in defense of an independent union and the company fired her. The following is added to the struggle of the working Lexmark months, which held four consecutive strikes on the night shift, and follow still fighting for their resettlement.

    An independent candidate, driven by working resistance, would be a major event of the working class and unprecedented in Mexico.The workers, maquiladores, workers, and in particular its most exploited sectors are excluded from the policy by the bosses' parties and undemocratic electoral system. The vote for an independent candidate would be a vote of the working class against the boss class.

    In the framework in which the exploited have no political choice to represent them, because parties like the PRI, the PAN and the PRD are in the service of capitalist entrepreneurs, while Morena does not represent an alternative to the exploited and oppressed to be limited to democratize existing anti-working class regime, a workers' application with a reporting program for the working class situation of women and other oppressed sectors in Juárez would be a political event of great importance in Mexico.

    A possible step towards class independence of workers and border with the United States, in precarious conditions, suffer from the exploitation of transnational, guaranteed by an alternate basis.

    A standalone program to fight for the rights of workers and the people

    All this is possible if workers raise a campaign to denounce and face exploitation in the maquiladora industry and the government plans to eliminate the workers' gains. A campaign to help the workers to organize themselves as a class around a set of own claims, independent of the capitalist parties and employer institutions. A campaign to draw a dividing line between the classes: workers and employers, fighting for the political independence of trade unions, free from the control of the "representatives" bureaucratic and pro-employer unions.

    From the Left Daily welcome that take a positive decision to boost this application. At the same time we would like to propose a program and an independent policy to be discussed by the workers in struggle.

    In this sense, we believe that should get along to workers' own claims to fight, the demands of women, young people and popular sectors of Ciudad Juárez. So we would propose enroll in its program to fight against femicide, against the criminalization of youth and against militarization and against the agreements – such as TLC – which make us to US imperialism.

    Next to that, denouncing the government and political parties of the regime that make alliances among themselves to impose explorers plans against the workers, calling not to rely on responsible institutions and accomplices for thousands of killings and missing. In this way workers can lead the construction of a workers' and popular alliance against the capitalists and parties that defend their interests.

    A working and independent candidate should propose to unify the struggles facing the union treacherous leaders. And to carry forward an alternative perspective to the alternation of regime supported by the PRI, PAN and PRD, fight for a workers' government and the people, that the crisis is paid by the capitalists.

    It is essential that the occurrence of an application with a program and anti-capitalist and socialist perspective, workers, youth, women and the poor peasants, and a political organization that light forward and defend. In the coming days we will begin to organize the campaign and the program would raise their application. We invite our readers to follow the Left Daily Mexico.