Xerox: Capture Every Supplies Sale and Lock Out Your Competition

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Xerox: Capture Every Supplies Sale and Lock Out Your Competition

 news 2016-03-03 at 11:06:34 am Views: 396
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    Xerox: Capture Every Supplies Sale and Lock Out Your Competition
    By Beta Ni

    6 Ways to Take Your Print Supplies Business Higher

    My family and I love to travel to all kinds of places around the world and let our daughter to get some cultural linkages with her ancestries in Europe and Asia. When we visit populated cities like Shanghai, China’s biggest, we find that getting around by taxi can be stressful. It seems there’s always someone a few seconds ahead of us competing to get that cab.

    But last year when I took my teenage daughter to China for a summer visit, something had changed, and as a result, the stress of hiring transportation was totally gone. I’ll bet you can guess what it was: almost everyone in China now uses Uber-like Apps to hire taxis.

    Uber has forever changed the way we hire transportation services

    Unquestionably, the service that Uber provides has revolutionized the process of on-demand transportation, allowing people to use a simple smartphone App to hire and pay for a ride—including tip, and receive specifics about the pickup time, driver photo, etc. The app is so easy – even my 80-year-old aunt can use it! I was so pleased that when I left the restaurant with my aunt and saw the cab had already arrived. It’s straightforward, painless, and has liberated me from stress, letting me instead focus on the joy of traveling with my family.

    But beyond my personal experiences, as a business person, I find myself thinking about how the technology behind the Uber mobile app has helped transportation companies to modernize the way they conduct business. Sure, the essence of the service remains just the same: people hail cars and pay for being driven to a specified destination, but technology allows them to be much more efficient. It virtually eliminates uncertainty of when the cab will arrive for customers, and enables drivers to pick up the closest customer and increase their paid mileage.

    A free Uber-like service for your print customers

    Xerox is similarly using technology to modernize the transaction of printer supplies as Uber did for ride hailing. It’s called Xerox Supplies Service and it revolutionizes the end-customers’ experience by utilizing 21st century technology to monitor the supplies levels of all your customers’ network printers, regardless of brand or type, and automatically send alerts to you when printers run low. Customers don’t need to monitor their printers any longer, they never need worry that their printers will run out of ink, and can instead focus on their work.

    Say hello to simplified supplies ordering

    But what Xerox Supplies Service really does is to transform the way you sell supplies by alerting you when your customers’ printers need supplies. It eliminates the guesswork of ordering the correct supplies (and anyone who’s ordered supplies knows that it can be a daunting, even painful task). The cloud-based Xerox Supplies Service software provides you with real-time stock availability and pricing from your preferred distributors. Not only will you never miss a sales opportunity again, you’ll never mistakenly order the wrong supply item, and most importantly, your customers will never run out of toner or ink.

    …and say goodbye to your competition

    But best of all, Xerox Supplies Service lets you bring incremental value to your customers and distance your business from the competition. Pair it with Genuine Xerox Rewards our customer loyalty program that lets customers earn points for supplies they purchase from you which they can redeem for merchandise. Sell them Xerox Cartridges for their HP, Brother, Lexmark, OKI, and other OEMs and save them 25-40%. You’ll lock up their supplies business and lock out your competition.