Who Will End Up Buying Lexmark?

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Who Will End Up Buying Lexmark?

 news 2016-03-18 at 11:41:01 am Views: 684
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    Who Will End Up Buying Lexmark? 
    By Jim Ladd of Tonernews.com

    We are getting many calls and emails as to who will buy Lexmark Corp's Printer Division, it's something that seams to concern allot of people around the world, we are also getting hit with many rumors that a Chinese company is to buy Lexmark, and all indications are going that way, although we are not 100% sure?. 

    Personally i taught Clover Imaging Grp. should buy Lexmark's Printer Division bringing a silly twist of fate to this industry, after all the lawsuits and millions of hours and dollars Lexmark spent suing everyone in the reman Industry on every continent around world, then they end up selling the company to a toner remanufacturer? that would be a big LOL. 

    You would think that Lexmark would have some honor for all their hard work over the past 16 years and that their OEM principals are still a valuable part of what they stand for? but i don't think so anymore, it's about cashing out and moving on, Lexmark's CEOs' are probably going to rake in a fortune when they sell the company, just like the CEOs' of staples and Office depot would if the merger ever goes trough But right now it's all about "Show me the Money" since cash is king these days. 

    Who Will End Up Buying Lexmark? 
    Probably a Chinese company backed by the Chinese Gov., the Chinese are terrified of Donald Trump and so are most of us in the US, but with new International trade deals going into effect shortly this year, China is now buying everything in sight and not looking back since their Gov. it sitting on piles of Cash to invest in foreign companies and CONTROLLING PRINT in any way is an important part of their agenda.