Pulls "Boycott Lexmark" Banners From Website.

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Share Pulls "Boycott Lexmark" Banners From Website.

 news 2016-04-12 at 12:22:57 pm Views: 427
  • #45601 Pulls "Boycott Lexmark" Banners From Website.
    By Jim ladd

    Upon receiving the breaking news that Lexmark has settled some human rights issues with their former fired employees, we decided to take down our "Boycott Lexmark" banners from

    Although their are some obvious other reasons why Lexmark decided to settle with their former fired employees that we won't get into today, it's nice to finally see some human compassion for these very poor people by a U.S. fortune company in our industry.

    We where also contacted by the Lawyer that was representing these fired employees,
    Mrs Susana Prieto Terrazas,

    she appreciated our solidarity and our support for this issue and our persistence, we wish her continuous success going forward for all 300,000+ Maquilas workers in Mexico and for a better life for their families as well.