New MPS Methodology To Include a NO PRINT Strategy

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New MPS Methodology To Include a NO PRINT Strategy

 news 2016-08-02 at 12:19:34 pm Views: 331
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    New MPS Methodology To Include a NO PRINT Strategy
    Auxilio, Inc. Announces Managed "NO PRINT" Services Poised to Be News at AHRMM16
    Questioning the Healthcare Industry – Why and What Users Print.

    MISSION VIEJO, CA–  Auxilio, Inc. a leading provider of Managed Print Services (MPS) and IT Security for the healthcare industry, today announces the roll out of its new MPS methodology to include a NO PRINT strategy at AHRMM16 Conference, to held on August 1-2, 2016 at the San Diego Convention Center.

    AHRMM, Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management, is an organization advancing the healthcare supply chain. "Our Company expects the news of a Managed Print Service provider, stating it's time healthcare puts a stop to the continuous use of paper, resulting in a reduction of print/copier devices, supplies and break/fix, to be of great interest for supply chain leaders," says Simon Vermooten, EVP of Solutions.

    Auxilio's NO PRINT strategy analyzes why and what users print. The information learned helps improve efficiency of paper and digital workflows to drive additional cost saving opportunities. "Traditionally, hospitals implement managed print service programs resulting in a 10-20% cost savings, but there is a lot of money left on the table. Doing a deep dive analysis into the document life cycle will not only reduce costs but is the first step in making patient health information (PHI) more secure," says Vermooten.

    Auxilio's cybersecurity arm of its business, Redspin, prevents hackers from accessing a hospital's network and PHI, while its automation workflow solutions, iPLATFORM, transforms typically printed paper that contains sensitive information to digital format — making it more secure. 

    Healthcare is moving towards a value based revenue model instead of fee-for-service model and hospital leadership is looking for ways to remove unnecessary waste, as the industry has defined as inefficient processes. "We expect a majority of the pressure to remove unnecessary waste will fall on supply chain and we are here to help uncover those inefficiencies as hospitals transform cumbersome paper processes to digital workflows," says Vermooten.

    Auxilio's Managed "NO PRINT" Services program in combination with iPLATFORM, an intelligent workflow enabling automation solution will help hospitals improve processes, cut costs out of their operations and mitigate risk of PHI.

    Auxilio's, Simon Vermooten, EVP of Solutions will be speaking on Tuesday, August 2, 2016 at 10:45 in Learning Pavilion #1 about a Managed "NO PRINT" Services strategy for healthcare. For more information on developing your own print avoidance strategy, visit Auxilio at Booth #900 or join Simon for his learning session.

    About Auxilio, Inc.
    Since 2004, Auxilio has exclusively served the healthcare industry providing services that address three critical areas hospitals face; these are mitigating risk, reducing costs and providing operational efficiency. Auxilio's Managed Print Service and iPLATFORM, an intelligent workflow automation suite offers an innovative and customer driven approach for healthcare organizations to secure PHI, reduce waste and drive additional savings opportunities. Hospitals and health systems benefit from streamlined and aligned processes and infrastructure that results in a print avoidance program that reduces cost, increases employee productivity, and meet and exceed patient care standards.

    Auxilio serves a national portfolio of nearly 220 hospital campuses and manages over 1.5 billion documents annually from over 90,000 devices, supporting over 280,000 caregivers. Auxilio's Managed Print Services' business model is vendor neutral, provides a dedicated resident team and is exclusive to the healthcare industry.

    Through its Cybersecurity Professional Services Group, Redspin (a subsidiary of Auxilio) provides an end-to-end security offering that specifically addresses hospital security challenges or when a breach has occurred. Redspin's fully comprehensive portfolio of services and technology includes penetration testing, HIPAA security risk assessments, security program strategy, and a SaaS technology solution, Delphiis™ Risk Manager to more than 140 hospitals. This complete service offering of Redspin is unique to the marketplace and helps ensure enterprise-wide security and improved patient experiences through its ability to mitigate risk and improve efficiency across the hospital or health system.

    For more information about Auxilio, visit