Epson Reports Printer Shipment Growth By 8% In Q1 2016

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Epson Reports Printer Shipment Growth By 8% In Q1 2016

 news 2016-08-04 at 12:04:41 pm Views: 214
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    Epson Reports Printer Shipment Growth By 8% In Q1 2016
    By Andy Braithwaite.

    Printer manufacturer Epson says shipments increased by 8% in its first quarter thanks to growth in office and high-capacity inkjet devices.

    While volumes declined in its home market of Japan, Epson said the 8% overall volume growth – in a soft market – was driven by strong sales of office inkjet printers in North America and Western Europe and of its high-capacity ink tank printers in emerging markets and Western Europe. These ink tank printers have also been recently launched in North America and Japan.

    Epson said ink revenue continues to grow “gradually”, driven by the North American and Western European markets.

    Despite these growth trends, negative currency effects meant that inkjet sales in Epson’s first quarter fell by almost 6% to around ¥86 billion ($850 million), although inkjet operating profit was in line with that of Q1 last year.

    Epson said that it expected the increase of unit shipments of high-capacity inkjet printers to continue throughout the current financial year, especially in South-East Asia, while it forecast steady growth in ink sales.