Toner Phoner Rooms To Battle It Out In Los Angeles Superior Court

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Toner Phoner Rooms To Battle It Out In Los Angeles Superior Court

 news 2016-09-06 at 11:35:12 am Views: 305
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    Toner Phoner Rooms To Battle It Out In Los Angeles Superior Court.
     By Patrick Gavin Church.

    The case was filled in Superior Court in Los Angeles, The case involves long time industry companies,Defendents Yorktown Industries which also owns online store, and its owner Ken Rieck and several former ITD employees, The current owners of plaintiffs IMAGING TECHNOLOGIES DIRECT, who own the Rhinotek Brand.

    What we can surmise from the fillings and what is online, the case seem to be about Yorktown/ Concord hiring current or former employees of IMAGING TECHNOLOGIES DIRECT and using that information to the defendents benefit.   

    Imaging Technologies claimed Yorktown misappropriated Imaging Technologies customer information by hiring Imaging Technologies former employees.
    Hampton IP assisted with mediation, submitted a Rule 26 expert report, and provided deposition testimony

    Imaging Technologies Direct, LLC d/b/a ITD Print Solutions v. Yorktown Industries, Inc., et al.
    The law firm Levinson Arshonsky & Kurtz, LLP (Sherman Oaks, CA) retained Hampton IP & Economic Consultants, on behalf of Imaging Technologies Direct, LLC, to calculate monetary remedies arising from misappropriation of trade secrets in Case No.: SC121630 in the Superior Court of the State of California, Los Angeles County.

    You can research the lawsuit at these sites,  Case Number:  SC121630

    Patrick Gavin Church
     can be reached at :