Bombshell Rumor, Staples Canada Now Sell China Clone Toners!

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Bombshell Rumor, Staples Canada Now Sell China Clone Toners!

 news 2017-02-14 at 10:57:15 am Views: 533
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    Bombshell Rumor,
    Staples Canada Now Sell China Clone Toners!

    by Jim Ladd.

    China's clone toner industry has really gotten its grip on the North America market to the point now where a big box player like Staples Canada is now carrying the china clone toner brand trough a company out of Canada.

    We where totally taken by surprise by this Rumor and still cannot believe that staples Canada would be selling out to china like that, but it seams they did, we where told that a US Chinese clone toner importer has been selling to Staples Canada for some time now, in fact we heard that's Staples Canada is now their biggest client, staples Canada is making a killing on these China clone toners since they buy them for around $8.+ each from this China clone Toner company and some now sell for $99 on the staples Canada website.

    Does Staples Understand The China Clone Toner Implication?
    Staples has many alliances with all the OEM brands and for them to do that shows that they must not really care about these old OEM alliances going forward or maybe their new sets of Executives don't understand the pecking order of the OEM printer business, we wouldn't be surprise to see Hp now pull OUT their OEM Printer and toner consumables stock from Staples because of this and for other OEMs' to follow trough and terminate their relationship with staples do to these new implications. 
    (We Are Only Speculating)

    We have obtained Photo's from an other anonymous clone toner factory in China.

    At we question this kind of working environment for these Chinese employees that don't know that what they are doing is illegal, most of them don't understand the implications and the long term effect of working in this kind of environment, maybe now we in the West get a clearer photo of the price some pay so some of us can get an $8 china clone toners delivered, Shame on you for those of you in the West that stock these fake china clone toner goods!!!

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