China Apex Breaks US Antitrust Laws With Chips For Reman Toner Ind.

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China Apex Breaks US Antitrust Laws With Chips For Reman Toner Ind.

 news 2017-03-06 at 10:11:25 am Views: 1270
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    China Apex Breaks US Antitrust Laws With Chips For Reman Toner Industry. 
    By Jim Ladd.
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    We are getting reports from our U.S. and Middle east associates that China's Apex along with S.C.C. in the U.S. Is now using collusion tactics to control the distribution of chips to honest toner remanufactures in order to control those regions that do not sell cloned counterfeit toners in order to price them out of the industry, this would of course be a Monopoly and another example that these Chinese Companies are breaking US antitrust laws. 

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    Now that Apex, Static Control and Nine Star are all under one umbrella buying chips for cartridges has become more challenging than ever before, It seems like anytime when a new cartridge is available to the aftermarket, Nine Star is the first one to have it available and when you contact Apex for the chip they tell you its not available and it's coming soon and when Apex finally makes the chip available the price they charge for the chip is so expensive it makes it impossible to compete with Nine Star, plus by then they have already flooded wholesalers in the west with these cheap fake counterfeit clone toner goods that contain these chips before they sell to honest toner remanufactures in order to price them out of the industry, this is Chinese collusion at its best. 

    Now if you don't believe us, just watch this new recent Video by China's Apex (https://, please copy and paste into your browser) 
    where at 2:30 Minutes into the video they say that they have 200 engineers " software code breakers" working to break and figure out OEM firmware in order to sell their own chips to an industry that they collude to control, thats allot of spying if you ask us, thats a whole army of people working illegally for one common goal, to scam hard working OEMs' and Honest remanufactures out of billion$ around the world, also these so-called "Engineers" have also found a way in Asia to link our two main sites and to pornographic website in order to keep our message out of the public eye by keeping our websites in spam related internet blacklists around the world (we have proof), regardless this will not deter us from getting our message out about their dishonest practices, but wait we have more ……. 
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    We have now have physical proof that some hp "remanufactured" ink cartridge have switch-out circuit boards but are still being sold as remanufactured goods when in actuality they are now cloned up fake counterfeit goods, this is another example of the cunning ways China uses technology to scam wholesaler into believing that these products are legal when in fact they are counterfeit goods all the way trough. 

    FAIR WARNING: Breaking US Anti-trust laws is No joking matter, having a monopoly on an industry is not a game that China's Apex and its many many divisions should take lightly, we implore all wholesalers around the world to drop these cloned-up fake counterfeit toner and inks from their warehouse and from distribution, before the shit hits the fan and everyone that sells these fake goods are caught up in a big mess, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.