China Clone Toner Rumors, Rumors….

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China Clone Toner Rumors, Rumors….

 news 2017-03-13 at 12:26:55 pm Views: 494
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    China Clone Toner Rumors, Rumors…. 
    Apex/Ninestar is Also Monopolizing Toner Manufacturers in China. 

    By Jim Ladd. 

    We are hearing many rumor from all directions these days ever since we exposed China's Apex Monopoly of the industry last week, its seams that has made a significant impact in China and now the Chinese clone toner industry is rethinking it's approach in dealing with this industry, we have noticed an uptick in the buying of empty Cartridge from China for remanufacturing toners the right way, although mixing Clone toners and reman's is nothing new to the industry, it does seam that the Chinese toner cloners are trying to to up their game by mixing more reman's with clones in order to show that they have a more legitimate industry,  now if only they can get counterfeiting out of their blood then they might have a legitimate industry. 


     We are hearing that many smaller Chinese clone toner manufacturers are running scared and for many different reason, we are also hearing rumors that a big Chinese clone toner manufacturer is in the process of buying-up 3 other big Clone toner manufacturers (only a rumor), these so called "consolidation" are done mostly to control the industry and as long as China can print currency with no oversight these consolidations are fairly easy to put together, however this has not helped China as planned since a lot of these smaller Chinese clone toner manufacturers are now by-passing the wholesalers and distributors process in order to grab the Factory-Direct-To-Consumer Sales approach, this is now a booming industry for China due in large part to Arnold Ho's Success at Printrites Cloned toner business and due to his new partnership with, in any case why is your Chinese clone toner Wholesale vendor selling on and in the first place? surely this new approach can't be good for the wholesalers and distributors in the West that stock these goods. 


    Apex/ Ninestar is Also Monopolizing Toner Manufacturers in China. 
    We have also confirmed that Apex/ Ninestar is also monopolizing toner manufacturers in china (not just in the West) we've been contact by a Chinese toner manufacturer that is also having the same sale issues with Apex/ninestar where they hold off from selling them the chips for the newer OEM part numbers until they load up their other divisions with those clone toner and chips in order to price others out of the industry, there truly is no honor among thieves in this Chinese clone toner industry.

    Image result for european union
    Europe Now Ground Zero For The China Clone Toner Industry.

    Success, greed and fear has now taken over China's clone toner industry, in the land of Roosters and Dragons it's surely never a dull moment these days, We are hearing that business is booming in Europe for China's clone toner industry, with no oversight, no regulation, no to protect honest European toner manufacturers, and no European border import customs protection, China is having an orgasmic time and raking in a fortune at the cost of OEMs' and honest toner remanufactures in that region, too bad the European-Union is asleep on this one, we can surely use a in Europe these days, if anyone in Europe is interested in working with us to keep exposing this Chinese clone toner industry, please contact me directly at Jim@tonernews.comyour support is appreciated.

    Live Video's Of China's Toner Cloner Industry Hard At Work.

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